The KI Panda is REAL

I’m guessing someone is about to get slapped in the back of the head. I’d love to hear the behind the scenes explanation for this one… :slight_smile:


I took a screenshot too, I’m guessing this is just like Kan-Ra who was named Gauze pre-release. I’m sure “Panda” was probably picked so they could avoid leaks like RAAM.


Lol, ok, so I wasnt the only one that got a chuckle out of this :sunglasses:

hes called Panda because hes chubby and will maul you :3

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Why can’t that be my new character card icon…?

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Now I want an Panda costume for eyedol!

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Does he have broads in Atlanta?


Has to be code word to avoid people seeing a name they recognize in the PC files. The files could have been there the entire time during the Raam patch that was really big.

Yeah, just like how Omen, Rash, and Arby were.

  • Omen was called as Nox, possibly alluding to the Nox fan character made by @psykkee back in Season 1.

  • Rash was called as Prince, because it’s an obvious reference to the classic fairy tale, The Frog Prince.

  • Arbiter was called as Judge, since in real life, an arbiter has the right to judge.

Eyedol being called as Panda…yeah, I agree with your statement there.

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So it’s safe to say that this Panda…

…was corrupted by the Devil Gene at some point and was sent to the Astral Plane, becoming the Shadow Lord we all know and love…




Was going through trials mode, and I too found the fabled Panda.


Now I need an insane panda in KI!

i really think there will be a s4 with a panda as character also, cause once in a stream a saw adam isgreen in a beautifull panda costume :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: .
from there this stayed in my head. cause they dont do publicity for nothing. and i believe it.

it could be the kun fu panda as ki GUEST IN S4

Woah, didn’t know about their code names.

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