The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)

Yeah, when it comes to multiplayer games, Gauntlet was always one of my favorites, and Gauntlet Legends is my favorite Gauntlet game, so to me it was a no-brainer.

Edit: Also due to the button/joystick color options that were available to me (aka cheapest options I could find on Amazon), I had them match with Gauntlet Legends player/color layout.

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This week has not been kind to me or my family. We had some issues with our plumbing which was an easy fix and didn’t cost much.
My old Computer mouse died after 1 year of use, a, but I have a new on now.
My grandpa from my mom’s side past away.
It’s all been one mess. The only thing I have to look forward to is that my Grandma from my dad’s side is cumming to visit with my uncle and aunt. With a barbecue on Sunday.
So far the good the good thing is discovering some more cool stuff going on with Blender.
Of course Jeff and I are also planning to upgrade to Windows 10 in November so projects are on hold.

That’s the best one in the legendary series so far.


I’ve been completely addicted to FF14 for about 2 months now. It’s very fun!

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…and apparently now I have another project… I just got a copy of the original Ninja Gaiden for Xbox, and when I went to put it in the system, my original Xbox wouldn’t turn on. So now I gotta see what’s going on with it. If I’m guessing right, the power supply was damaged during a power surge. All the capacitors seemed to be ok. So I may be looking at either getting another chance to hone my soldering skills, or I may just replace the power supply.

…and here I was wondering what I’d be doing for a project now that I finished my arcade controller. Guess I know now.

Edit…yeah, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it. And looking around it’ll probably cost the same or more to repair it than it would to just get another that still works.

I finally added the volume knob to my MK cabinet. Would have had it done last week were it not for the first set of potentiometers getting lost in the mail. I put it under the control deck so it’s out of sight, and just set it to a comfortable level.

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my crew scored a medium house in the player housing neighborhood area. lol he had to be up at 5am to score it because those lots were going really fast

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Quick question to those of you who have built your own fightsticks/ hitboxes…what would be a good way to go about getting an encoder that would be Xbox One/PC compatible?

Well as of last month I can officially say I’m old, though I was hoping life would stop being as repetitive as it was before that point. As always I got a small amount of money and a tiny yet overpriced ice cream cake (it’s pretty much family tradition at this point). I used the money to buy Witcher 3 during the Xbox Halloween Sale, which even a few hours in is already better than the entirety of Nier:Automata, and I also put more money in my PSN account so I can keep it there and pretend I’ll buy MH:Iceborne at it’s full price (which I’ll probably buy at full price anyways because of the impending RE2 crossover).

Overall, bad life. Too weak and too bad at anything serious (business, taxes, etc.) to understand how to have a proper job. At the same time though I always find ways to keep hope alive, so I guess I did something right, somehow.

Also this old laptop dies too easily from overheating, so I think it’s time I took another hiatus from this forum in case it burns out, before I can wipe it’s memory for the 100th time (the built-in keyboard burned out long ago, that should be an indication of how rotted it is).

The brooks universal fighting board is a bit pricey, but it has worked flawlessly for me on my Xbox one. That’s what I used in the Xbox fight stick I built. I haven’t tried it on PC.

For just a PC, a dragon PC board is incredibly cheap and does the job just fine. You might also get a cheaper ps3 PCB and then use a brooks converter.

EDIT: just plugged in the universal on PC and it works great - even for KI which doesn’t work with most of my PC controllers.

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I just bought a Small house In Goblet next to my Crew Leader’s house. I completely understand LOL.

Housing is kind of a nightmare haha

Trying to prepare myself for the New York snow, which might come in the coming week or so. I keep hearing that this year’s winter might be brutal.

it appears so dude, im new and still havent started yet, and im all giving them puzzled looks over how hard it is to buy a house. they look at me like im stupid haha, “so, who are we looking at killing to take their house” ITS NOT THAT KIND OF GAME BRO i miss that open loot PvP stuff hahaha

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Working your ■■■ off to save up to buy a house sounds a little bit too much like real life to me.


agreed, i am very grateful i didnt have to participate in that grind

Just finished my latest chapter for my KI/Carrie crossover story. Feel really good about myself with that accomplishment.


Carrie like the Stephen King novel?


today is tuesday. i am overworked like a ■■■■, and im starting to grow quite frustrated. but whatever, this train never stops and neither will i. today, im gonna get ■■■■ done then tomorrow, im going to make good progress. im gonna skip lunch and work late if i have to

Ok, so I have a question to those of you that use fightsticks regularly. I have a project that I’m working on, and without giving anything away the case I’m using has a rather large cosmetic circle in the middle of it. I’m trying to figure determine if it would be better to:

A: offset the joystick and buttons to preserve the circle’s cosmetic design
B: pretend the circle wasn’t there and just place the buttons in a more natural position in the middle of the case.

  • Cosmetics come first.
  • Function comes first.

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If I do B I could put the LK/A button right in the middle of the circle. I don’t think integrating the artwork into the button would be an option either, mainly due to a lighting scheme I’m wanting to implement.

If I do A on the other hand, the buttons will end up being pushed toward the back of the case. I checked and there will be enough room, but I am curious as to how you guys, as an example, would feel about a fight stick with the buttons and joystick more to the back of the controller.

I would say more about what I’m doing, but aside from making a fightstick, I’m wanting to keep the details a surprise for everyone. I am intending on documenting putting it together and uploading it to my youtube channel when I get done. From how things are looking, it’ll probably be mid to late March before I finish though, mainly due to acquiring the parts needed.

just when you think its all over at work, here comes another giant tidal wave. into the breach once more