The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)




Ey Bruh, where dem pictures!?


Kan-Ra kidnapped him.


Why do always have to blame him. He’s done nothing wrong.

What if it was Orchid huh. Don’t be discriminatory…the nerve of some people


If only Orchid did kidnap me to become her boy toy that would be very cool. Lmao

Actually I’ve been pretty screwed up since I got back. My sleep schedule is completely out of whack all the while I’m working on my research paper for school. It hasn’t been a very pleasant last couple of days but I will get the pictures on.

A question that is on topic: can anyone recommend any good sites to upload my photos to for easy sharing? I took about 711 photos and 13 videos. :flushed:


had not been here on the forums for two weeks expected a lot of mentions, likes, DMs, etc…
well, came back today and absolutely nothing, nothing, I tell ya!! no PMs, likes, mentions whatsoever!!

here check this link out
for my forum friends


My Xbox Live Account has officially expired.

Ever since I tried to quit playing video games, the thought of going back, always crossed my mind. Seeing as the Xbox One X is the newest thing out, renewing my account will be under review even if I have the Xbox One X.

As far as Steam goes, re-installing will also be under review as I currently have no gaming laptop, nor do I wish to even buy one next year (at least not yet).

This update on my life does not spell the end of my life on Killer Instinct, it’s mearly me taking time off as I once previously announced.


Welcome to my world. Lol

I feel like this very often. Not just from the forums but from a lot of places in life.


Well things have been going pretty well for me…could definitely be better, but my job is finally off to a good start. I’ve been out on my own for about a week now. No substantial sales yet, but I’ve made a few smaller ones, and they add up. One of my random leads even turned out to be my Aunt’s sister, so that was interesting.
The only thing I don’t like so far, aside from having to call dumb jack■■■es that sign up for benefits and then refuse them when I call to set up an appointment to get it to them, is I don’t get a lot of free time. I pretty much work from sun-up to…well past sun-down. So my game playing as a whole has been pretty much shelved for the most part. Maybe things will get better as I start doing better at my new job, but it’s hard to say as of right now.


I’ve been busy. But I hopefully just got myself Voice acting teacher.


was just kidding though. Good to see everyone in relative good spirits…
I read that you visited my country (Japan)…?


Yes I did! Spent 4 days in Tokyo and 3 days in Kyoto. It was an awesome time and I hope to go back again sometime in the future.


Going into lurking mode…

(AKA a Short break from posting)

Edit: Nevermind.


Lol that was quick.


Strong bad put me in my place.


Yes! Duckman!


So…I just finished another sketch of mine I’ve been working on. First time actually trying to draw a mouth (never been good at it). I’m pretty proud of this one. Maybe I’ll try a KI character next

So right now, school is getting a little overwhelming, every single class is having some big project and it’s a little too much. Good thing KI and my dog is there to calm me down. I got one friend to start playing KI… he stop playing yesterday. Bummer, said it was too much like MK (what?! Seriously?!)

I can’t wait till Thanksgiving, it’s been forever since I last ate a thanksgiving ham and I really have a craving. I just find it funny how stores are selling a bunch of Christmas stuff already. Like hol’up we still got a whole month left man calm down :yum:. I hope everyone is having a wonderful November so far! Finally getting some strands of cold in this burning desert.


Don’t mind me. I’m just waiting on next week.


While it isn’t all of the photos I took here is the part of Tokyo that I was in along with nearly all of the pictures of models/toys that I took. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Meanwhile back in reality I’ve been working on my research paper, working, and just doing the regular thing.


12+ hours in the office +3 hours commuting should leave me a good half hour of time with the family tonight as long as I keep the kids up past their bedtime. Score!