The Jago Reads

Hey Guys & Girls! Another video for you! And I’m really happy on how this one turned out! :smile: I have a couple videos called “The Reads” on my Youtube Channel, and it’s me with TJ Combo doing cool things, comebacks, and doing hard reads. TJ is only my pocket character! So, I decided to do one about my Main Monk Man, Jago! But instead of a clip, you get a montage, complete with Rock music, and a cool fade out, with the music ending perfectly. If you like it be sure to let me know! I LOVE making videos for you guys…Enjoy! :blush:

EDIT: Be careful, it might be loud! :wink:


And it looks like you even had your very first Double K.O. in one of your matches :wink:

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low medium kick beats riptor’s shadow tailflip? lol thanks from another jago player


Glad you guys like it!

VERY strict timing, but yes. Lol


Very inspiring.

Thank you. I’m glad it’s inspiring. :smile:

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Gonna be honest, I originally thought this was going to be a video about the voice of Jago reading various novels and books.

Still a good video I must say


Wicked stuff with that Tiger Fury/Instinct-cancel setup. I need to try that.

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