The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

I decided to create this thread so we could all discuss experiences we’ve had while playing Killer Instinct that have been good, bad, or just downright ugly either because of what happened or because of the people we played against…

…and perhaps, while we’re at it, we could throw in a bit of laugh-out-loud funny, ultimately awesome, and just some outright weird and dumb in there too. :wink:

This evening, I ran into a particular individual in exhibition that I’d run into numerous times before over the past few months. Every time I’d fought this guy, I’d lose because of how good he was. He always picked Sadira and would wreck my Aganos time and time again (for obvious reasons). No matter what, I’d be persistent and try and try again, but always, always lose - I wanted to beat him so badly with my Aganos. This lead to constant frustration and complaints from me. Despite this, I never yelled directly at him though. It was always about what occurred in the fight, or the mistakes that I made, or things that I simply didn’t understand.

Tonight was no exception - he wrecked me match after match, and I complained about it (particularly about the timing lockouts I kept accruing, which almost never happens to me). However, something did eventually change in the processesion of this evening’s events - he decided, surprisingly, to try different characters. Instead of playing Sadira, he tried Shadow Jago, Cinder, Maya, and Spinal. What I discovered was quite interesting - as it turns out, he wasn’t as good as I thought he was. He was only truly god-like with Sadira. As for the new matchups, I was able to passibly fight his Spinal and Shadow Jago (came out 50/50 I would guess). But his Maya and Cinder? Ooh, did I wreck those 2 characters something fierce! Maya, naturally, was a surprise (since she has a lot of leeway with those daggers), but I did it - I beat her! Not once, not twice, but thrice! :slight_smile:

This, naturally since I was winning, improved my mood drastically by leaps and bounds. Now, my opponent wasn’t a chatter box like I was, so unfortunately, I’ll never know if he did this for me, or just simply for himself (or for the New Year’s double XP promotion that’s happening at the time of this post) - but it certainly feels to me like it was a gesture of kindheartedness after all of my continuous losses against him and his Sadira over the past few months. I made sure to verbally thank him for doing that - and in the process, my Aganos got much-improved Shadow data and he got to learn the matchup while using other characters (his Cinder definitely improved a lot in the time that I played against him, especially after some advice that I gave him).

So, a bad situation was ultimately turned into a good one. :blush:

Cause Sadira takes very little skill…I don’t care what anyone around here says. She’s a clown character. On the occasional loss to her online, I don’t even sweat it. She’s not a legitimate part of the roster of any serious fighting game. Y’all can say what you want to.

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Haha… Sadira… no skill… hahahaha… Dude you do realize this isn’t a satire thread.

At first Galactic, I thought you were talking about my Sadira. :smile: You still owe me a pounding!

I’ve been playing FGs for years and still can’t wrap my head around how to play or even fight against Sadira. To me, when compared to other characters, her moveset just seems so unnatural (with her jump cancels, instant directional change in mid-air, crazy in-air combo setups etc.). Most of us new she had an advantage in S1, but it is my firm belief that, despite the changes made to fix that, she still has an advantage. As far as I know, her only weakness is that she doesn’t have a wall-bounce ender (and that’s not what I’d call much of a weakness).

It still kills me (literally! Well, my Aganos at least) that she jumps at just the right angles for Aganos to always miss her with his anti-air setups. I can’t reliably hit her chunks, with finger-flick, with d+HP, with ruin, with pulverize, with natural disaster, with shadow moves, or anything really. The ONLY time I can reliably hit her is with the peacekeeper (and not by throwing it either), but that requires that I take a beating to get instinct 1st, or by some miracle find the time to put up a wall behind me (which needs a chunk 1st) and grab it - which will never happen against a. half-way decent and mobile Sadira. I die inside a little every time I fight this black widow assassin.

The Aganos (while few) that regularly defeat me are incredibly patient. They become the unmovable mountain and let me hang myself. It is a waste of time for Aganos to try and put walls up during a Sadira fight as it is next to impossible to hit her straight on. The more chunks they can keep the harder it is for Sadira to land a decent combo and do damage.

It’s always better for Aganos if he can keep Sadira in a corner. If he can continue to apply the pressure Sadira will normally go down pretty quickly.

I’ve tried being defensive against her, and I still lose both starting chunks within seconds… Every time. Holding onto chunks is 1 of the hardest things for me to do against her (although I can certainly see the value in it). Then again, I’m also not 1 to sit around either. I wait for what I think is an opening, then attack, but said opening was never really an opening, but a bait instead.

For example, she jumped - great! I can now hit her with natural disaster! NOPE! Didn’t work. She hit me out of it with her web-attack mid-jump. Okay, I’ve learned my lesson. This time I wait. She jumps and shoots her web. I block it and counter-attack, but then she jjumps back at just the right angle to cause my attack to wiff, lands, then hits me with a grounded combo. Then I try to finger-flick her web-attack instead. When I do, she kicks me out of my recovery frames. Either way, it sets her up for more combo-damage.

Being on the defensive doesn’t work for me because in holding back to block I inevitably put myself into a corner. If I block low to keep from moving, that just opens me up to her in-air overhead-hitting antics, which she specializes in. Even her ground game is too good - even with no chunks, most of my normals aren’t fast enough to beat hers.

Sadira, for me, is where things get truly ugly.

I repeat, Sadira is a non-skill character. Maybe once or twice out of 1500 hrs of play has a Sadira main switched characters and even remotely challenged me the following match (just as GG described) . Sadira players, for the most part, are pretty sh*tty fg players that lack alot of fundamentals. I don’t respect Sadira mains, and I beat almost all of them so it has nothing to do with my W/L.

PS, I’ve beaten Ragnarok’s Sadira too under my previous GT. Sadira is a boring matchup. They all play her the same way. Nithing special.

I can believe that Sadira mains don’t switch characters often, but how can you explain that scrubby players with no fundamentals can play a character that I, with years of FG experience, cannot?

She doesn’t require experience. Just a willingness to win at any cost. This is not always compatible with players such as ourselves that like to mix it up and think strategy.

Wouldn’t that be true regardless of character and certainly for most players though (especially the more competitive ones)? After all, why do we mix things up and think strategy? To win, of course!

I’m sorry, but your argument, to me, seems to fall rather flat, logically-speaking.

I just put the truth out there. You don’t wanna hear it, not my problem. Won’t lose any sleep over it.

Except it’s NOT the truth. You sir, are making an attempt to troll, I think! Well, I’ll have you know that if that is indeed the case, then it will not work (any further)!

Sadira employs simple, repetitive low-risk high reward “strategy”. Although I can probably beat 90% of Sadira Killer players, I don’t find the matches interesting or worth my time. Typically, when they pick any other character, the skill gap really really shows. I played with her for about 5 days late last year and could practically replicate the exact same methods and effectiveness as most of the Sadira players that have used her since launch. I obtained no satisfaction from winning with her shenanigans.

I’m not sure what you want to hear… and at this point I don’t really care.

PS, I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve totally blown someone out of the water multiple times ( I dont teabag or taunt, ever) , and then they are all salty and switch to Sadira to get an easy win. Then they try to dashboard the game in frustration when it doesn’t pan out. Happens all the time.

Now I’m curious… What was your previous GT and who did you main? I’ve had some epic battles and incredibly close match ups. However, I only know of a few people who had such a deep rooted hatred for Sadira…

*Eyes TheVet1978 suspiciously"

To counter your argument.

80% of KI’s player base doesn’t understand fg fundamentals. 90% would never make it in a tourney. My goodness I would wager that 80% can’t even use manuals consistently.

Knowing fundamentals is only half the battle. I’ve beaten some of the best players in KI when they weren’t using their mains. Were they still tough… yes (obviously having a good fundamental foundation helps), but their lack of experience with a new character helped me win.

Just because you beat somebody who isn’t using their main doesn’t prove they suck. It proves that they aren’t as comfortable and knowledgeable with that character.

Well, for starters, how about specifics? You never give any. In your last post you state that Sadira has a “simple, repetitive low-risk high reward strategy” - what, specifically, is this so-called “strategy” that you speak of? I’d certainly like to know! Furthermore, if this “strategy” is so effective, why is it that you can probably, and I quote, “beat 90% of Sadira Killer players” out there? Why not share that information as well? I’m guessing you can’t because you’re, more than likely, talking out of your butt - and if not, by all means, prove it (either by giving me a logical well-thought out, and thorough explanation or by fighting well known Sadira players on these forums such as @WebNRaGnArOk or others WITH video proof of said match so we can actually see these things you speak of for ourselves).

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Honestly he sounds like a salty Jago main. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree…I have the most trouble against Sadira with Omen. Every one of her normal’s beats out any normal or special Omen can throw at her. Her flip kick beats just about anything and has alot of range believe it or not.

very frustrating to fight Sadira

Guess again…And I stand by every word I wrote in the thread. I rarely play ranked, personal preference because I learn more and like long sets in exhibition. Plenty of top 32 players come in, pick their backup characters, get rocked. Then switch to their mains and I’ll lose most of the time, but I get my wins too and it’s just another fight to me. Nothing to celebrate.

I don’t care if you don’t believe me. I’ve logged over 1700 hrs into this game. GG, you keep banging your head against the wall and wondering why players who you feel you are better than can beat you with Sadira. I’ll just sit back and let you take this thread wherever you need to. I just think you like to post because you’re bored. You just wanna talk. Go ahead.

The problem with your argument is that you’ve offered no actual defense, facts, or anything to corroborate your view.

Common sense dictates that a person who is skilled with one character is going to be less skillful when playing another character they aren’t familiar with. This has nothing to do with Sadira. It’s how things are.

There are many skilled players that still use repetitive styles. I’ve seen plenty Glaci, Sabrewulves, and Jagos spam attacks when faced with an opponent to their equal.

A Sadira main coming to the defense of Sadira. How surprising. Well, not really.