The game does not respond

I recently bought the game on steam and started downloading it to play it. I have trouble when he opened and a window that does not respond comes out. I looked at my game folder where I download it and it is missing a missing file. I don’t know if you can add this creative game. Since all the same suquede the problem of this game.
Please and thank you very much. I love to play it and it is my favorite.

If you’re missing a file, I’d Validate your Game files so that it’ll download it.

Right Click on the game in your Game Library and go to Properties. Select the Local Files tab, and the last option should be to Verify your Files.

Hope this helps!

Hi Juxtapose13 !!

I have already tried 3 times, the file is complete and was not resolved. With help “” I reread several times, the problem is Audio Sonic, I fixed my program to install (as I bought the new video card and you install all the asus programs) there I realized that I had Sonic installed and uninstalled it and it works perfect with the game’s boot. Thank you very much for your help, good greetings and merry Christmas and New Year.


Glad you got it figured out and working!

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I’m wildly late, but also glad that you managed to get it working! :slight_smile:


I’m also having the same issue with the Steam version of KI. Just purchased it yesterday. Upon launching it immediately freezes.

I also have an Asus RoG PC. I didn’t find Sonic Audio, but there is a program that is called Sonic Studio… would that cause the same problem?

That’s right, I think there are two Sonic programs that annoys the game does not respond and should eliminate it. I hope it works :wink: