The Game Awards 2016 : Killer Instinct S3 nominated!

Hope Killer Instinct will win, but King of Fighters XIV is a serious contender.


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SFV will almost certainly win, because for fighting games they’re just going to give it to the game most people will have heard of.


Don’t know. Because with more people knowing what a game is, they would have most likely heard the backlash and such around it. But yeah, your probably right.


I’m shocked it was even nominated. Don’t get me wrong, KI is probably my favorite fighting game ever. But it will always go under the radar when compared to powerhouse franchises like SFV (which I am fairly certain will get the vote without even trying). Pokken is a little too abscure and KOF might take a huge hit due to its graphics. The E-sports scene for SFV and its support from capcom almost guarantees a win.

I dont care for the awards since its boring. I ll decide which is the best game or games i played.

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Highly doubt KI will win since the game generally flies under the radar, so I can see either SFV or Pokken taking it.

I’m super glad that it even got nominated, but unfortunately I think SFV will win simply out of name familiarity.

Well that or Pokken

At least this nomination will help spread KIs name a little.


Ahh. That is true

I can’t see Pokken winning it since the game is getting no support whatsoever. 3 new characters have been revealed for the arcade version but we still have no idea if the Wii U version will get them. Probably not at this point thanks to the shutdown of production.

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They’ll most likely be available for the NX/Switch version of the game.

Which would piss both me and my friend off.

Good work, Nintendo.

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It sucks, yeah. All we can hope for is for Nintendo to offer cross play and add them in as DLC for the Wii U version.

At least the game is still fun to play and the online (for me) has been good.

Yeah, but that only goes to show how much potential the game has and how it’s going to waste.

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Aww, very hard to compete against Street Fighter’s Legacy. KI was reborn and some of us have it in our hearst before. I still can’t believe I was playing KI the other night after 20 years, now with my friends (and even a boyfriend I knew by playing this game) having some fun…Honestly I’ve never expected that to happen. But hope is the last thing you lose, right? :slight_smile:

Would love KI to win!! Go KI!! :smile:


Go KI. I hope it wins. If it does, this would bring the popularity to a new level possibly because fo the free to play style.


They better not pander to the SFV crowd the way that game got released is a disgrace to the industry


Although SF would be always a sure bet because it’s the most famous one, but maybe all the troubles during launch works against it.

KI deserves it TPF!


In your opinion? Don’t you mean TPF. Totally proven fact :smiley:


Edited for truth

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