The FINAL KI EPICS of Season 3! The Finale is here! REDRUM IS LIVE!

Ok, so over time, KI EPICS has evolved in a number of ways… Alongside the updates, new characters, new seasons, KI EPICS has been loosely based around the actual KI Seasons… And with last night’s 3.4 Shadow Lords Patch, the enormous list of character changes, the new mimic skins, and the Astral Plane stage, I’ve decided to end KI EPICS Season 3 with the remaining fights I have already finished production on.
So in short, there are only 4 KI EPICS left for Season 3! Season 4 of KI EPICS will start sometime this October with the new 3.4 changes/features!



FRIDAY, 9/23


FRIDAY, 9/30

I hope you all enjoy this sneak peak at the remaining KI EPICS for Season 3!

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Retribution is here! Check it out above!

THE NEST has arrived! Check it out above!

Come with me and achieve “CLOUD NINE”! Check it out above!

THE FINALE IS HERE! You don’t want to miss one of the best KI EPICS yet this season! “REDRUM” ft. the #1 Hisako in the Ranked world with over 20,000 wins, TrymyAI!

Check it out in the OP, FIGHT ON!