The FINAL KI Epic of Season 2 is here!

Don’t miss “Blaze of Glory”, the final KI EPIC of Season 2!


Will you be back for season 3?

I really just found out about these vids you create. You should do more! Great stuff.

Have you ever thought about doing some of these style epics for tourney matches? Or for videos submitted to you?

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Most definitely!

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Thanks man! I have around 40 Epics as of now. I have thought about that actually, many times! It would be very difficult to do however, even when attending tournies. After KIT 2016 I was able to get the stream footage from the streamers themself, and thus made the KIT 2016 Hype Reel. The thing with the epics is I need the raw footage from the console, from the fight replays. Also, the fight replays only save if you’re connected to Xbox Live, which is usually disabled at tournaments.
So I’m thinking up some ways to do a little of both, and am talking with some of the tourney hosts on how best to do that!

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Awesome work Street! As always. I always love your stuff. I still need to get revenge for you beating me with Kan Ra. :stuck_out_tongue: