The fate of the sisters


  • Oh sister…could have had so much fun together…but…this is where you die…
  • Embrace the thirst maya…you’ll love it…trust me…hmhmhmhmhmhm…
  • I’ll let you live…for now. Consider it a warning

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  • Mira…you leave me no choice…
  • Come back to the night guard mira please…I missed you.
  • I don’t know if I can call you sister anymore…

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So if you were to be one of the sisters, what would you do? Would you attempt to convince the other to join you? Would you spare their lives on this very spot but with conflict? Or would you slay them where they stand…lost forever in the sands of time.

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The blood between siblings runs deep… even if one is a blood sucking vampire.

I don’t think either of them have the capacity to kill the other, considering how close they were before.

I dunno. They both seemed willing to kill each other. If you beat maya with mira she says “Sister please…I beg of you.”

You had the option to bite or spare her.

Mira was a little different, if you defeat mira she begs you (I think it was to live or join I can’t remember.) So I dunno know. Again, maya seems conflicted because first she says mira isn’t her sister then when beat calls her sister again.

So Mira MIGHT have a soft spot still for maya. Since she chose to save her from gargos’ servants. Though it’s implied that “one day perhaps” that she will off maya…or convert her.

C’mon guys, Mira is now a vampire! Maya is a monster hunter! They cannot live together anymore.
Maya cannot simply invite a monster to the Night Guard. This is like John Snow inviting a White Walker to have a drink.

Both still have some feelings for eachother (as evidenced). But hey you go tell either sister that, I’m sure it would go over well for you.

Tiny complaint. I finished the sisters mission, shadow Lords didn’t give me my reward.