The "Dying Breed" Survey

Are you creating a lobby?

Well, I haven’t played anything at all during the last 50 days, since I moved to another place and didn’t had internet until just 2 weeks ago, so I’m out ot fit. Before the stop, I was super confident about my Eyedol. He was key during the month I managed to get a pro star, and unlike Aganos or Gargos, I’m confident in every MU while using him. Right now, I have to get used to play after this, but I have no doubts I will get on fit soon

I would love to be part of that Lobby with you, but I will not be able to play until sunday. Lots of work!


I wish, I’m at work. I’ll be free for a better part of tomorrow so if that works for everyone, that would be cool. Otherwise, it’s something we’ll have to work into our schedules.


There are some interesting choices here, like Orchid, really? It might be a region thing. I also wonder why not more people have chosen more Kilgore and Raam while people choose Eyedol. The survey was kinda surprising.