The "Dying Breed" Survey

There is a vast variety of characters in Killer Instinct, but some seem to be getting more spotlight then others. Who would you like to see more of online? Which character seems to be the least represented in the community? Vote below! Don’t forget to share why you believe this character seems to be underpicked! Thanks for participating!

  • Jago
  • Saberwulf
  • Glacius
  • Thunder
  • Shadow Jago
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • Spinal
  • Fulgore
  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan-Ra
  • Riptor
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • ARIA
  • Kilgore
  • Character is in other poll

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  • Kim Wu
  • Tusk
  • Arbiter
  • Rash
  • Shin Hisako
  • Mira
  • General RAAM
  • Gargos
  • Eyedol
  • Eagle

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I think the three post S3 characters are probably the most underrepresented, but even among them Shisako is on a whole other level of underused. You run into the ocassional rare Eagle and Kilgore and those two have gotten some tournament representation, but Shisako? No one uses her. I think I only ever run into like two other guys besides myself that play her. I literally stopped playing for months and I still held my exact same leaderboard spot with her, it’s kind of hilarious.


I have seen a bunch of newcomers pick her for some reason however. Personally find at least one Shisako in a decent session on ranked. But you are right that there are few numbers of high level Shisakos.

It’s a real shame that post season 3 characters seem to be not as popular as the other characters. I wonder why exactly

I think the Post S3 characters are definitely im the running for last place just by virtue of when they came out. But Eagle is probably the big one. Sleep uses Kilgore so he has a bit of tournament representation, and although I don’t run into many online there’s quite a few Shinsako shadows and my girlfriend mains her. But even though I’ve seen people experiment with Eagle a bit I really only see one main (@FallibleJoker14 ) here on the forums or anywhere for that matter. Everyone else I’ve seen get at least some tournament use or wide spread community adoption.

Even without the issues people have been having with downloading him I think his release so late into the game’s lifespan and his difficult toolkit kinda made him destined for obscurity.

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IMO people are sleeping on him. They are scared from using him due his random stance change, but when you use him it’s easy to realise that you can be in the stance you want 95% of the time.

Also I believe people doesn’t use him properly. Very few Eyedol’s players use correctly his pips mechanics. Warrior pips are incredibly good, like, nobody uses qcb hk xx pip cancel for a fullscreen attack which is plus on block.

And even fewer people use his punch himself mechanic to switch stances, so people have to deal with the random stance change, instead of using this to control it.

Being one of the best zoners (situationally) and one of the best rushdowns character (situationally), having the best instinct of the game, and a surprising high chip damage in most stuff he does, I would not be surprised to see more Eyedols in the future once people notice the potential this character has

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They came well after people had spent significant amounts of time learning other characters and playstyles. I think this phenomenon is pretty standard in the modern “FG as service” model. The characters launch after people have spent significant amounts of time learning and getting good with other characters, so unless the character really speaks to someone seeing a switch is pretty unlikely.

This can be circumvented a bit if a character has a really sick design (see: Menat) or is very strong (see: DLC characters in NRS games), but overall I think later characters are always at something of a disadvantage when it comes to finding a home. And KI’s final 3 came after like 3.5 years or something like that. That’s a tough wall to surmount.



Also, both Eagle and Kilgore are two characters that NEED to be explored in the training room, so that also makes them less attractive to some users. Shinsako also needs some research to max her out, although one would argue that less than Eagle and Kilgore

And Shinsako is extremelly similar in appearance to Hisako(OBVIOUSLY), so her visual design/impact is reduced(and it was/is a huge part in Hisako’s charm), and IMO she doesn’t have extremelly notorious advantages(like, Kigore Zoning is super notorious, Eagle zoning/setups are notorious), while she has some notorious disadvantages(weak to zoning, hard times closing the gap against runaway chars…)

The reasons Storm gave + hard to use character are big reasons to be unpopular

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I HONESTLY believe the only reason people are screaming to nerf him to death is because very few people use him, and the ones that do, most of them don’t use him correctly. When I face a really good Eyedol, it’s pretty much an instant win for them.

So be happy people are sleeping ON him… The day people realize just how broken he can be, is the day he gets nerfed. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I haven’t found any significant nerf calling problem towards him (and I’m friends with a real good Eyedol, DPGod). He has pros and cons. It could just be that I have a good MU against him. Also his zoning is particularly easy to block

The only problems that I do see with Eyedol is the fact that every time his stance changes, the entire fight freezes, versus just Eyedol. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a successful jump in on him, his stance changes, and he switches to warrior and DPs me, whereas as if he ONLY froze during his swap, I would have connected. It’s annoying. I’ve had it change during a reset and allowed him to escape.

Secondly, his instinct. The fact that he can flood the entire screen with projectiles that can blind you (just like Raam), do helluva lot of chip damage, and allow him to get in on you and pummel you, forcing you to guess break (as you can’t see), really needs to be relooked at. It’s like a Get out of Jail Free card.

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People sleep in his mage form, which has one of the best and also one of the most underused specials of the game: his stomp

Mage QCB K is a tremendous preassure tool, is hard to shadow counter since mixing up versions changes hits and timing, deals a lot of chip damage with multiple uses, and if you have pips, you can mantain preassure for A LOT of time, until you get a switch to warrior(being at melee range!)


Eyedol has this uncontrollable “instinct freezes”, and they are SUPER good, since he has an invulnerable reversal in both forms and decent anti airs in both(specially warrior).

I don’t believe it needs to be relooked. Each instinct it’s 15 secs of madness, but all his overheads are reactable, so you should block low and react to overheads. The real juice is not obscuring the screen, it’s how hard to take your turn back is, and how his damage increases. It’s a great comeback tool, but I don’t feel it broken at all

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Ive been playing Kilgore the same if not more than I play Omen. And I use ShinSako every week too.
And of course Eyedol is my othe rpocket character.

My main 3 are Omen, Eyedol and Kilgore.

I dunno… an Instinct that can hit you full screen, hit you high, low, and middle, and is completely unavoidable, seems broken to me.

I literally lost a match as I was just barely above danger. Eyedol was at full screen and chipped me to death with his Instinct, without being near me. :frowning:

Instinct Eyedol Meteors doesn’t hit fullscreen, he has to be a bit closer(not much, but still no max distance)

You can evade it, several chars have teleports, and all have an projectile invulnerable attack(in most cases with meter)

Well, that’s actually what happens when you are not in your character confort zone, in a complicated situation.

You main Sadira, but in this situation you didn’t lose when he depleted your healthbar, you lost when you positionanted yourself(or better, Eyedol positionated you) at fullscreen while having his instinct avaible and you didn’t have a way to close the gap

“I’m at fullscreen, without resources to get close, at 20%, and Eyedol has activated instinct” sounds as bad as “I’m a meterless, arrowless, birdless and knocked down Eagle, and you are Sadira with both meter and instinct avaible sitting over me”.

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I’ve read and heard many times (Twitch) that Eyedol is t*ash or very bad.

I’ve always thought they were wrong.
Even if they say he does no damage…Compared to who? Tusk?
Just watching his buttons and options warns me about what a pain he can be.


Twitch chat would be the last place I would look for advice. Of course there are intelligent invididuals here and there, but it’s mostly and vocally poblated by braindead idiots

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I see Eyedol more than I’d like to admit. RAAM and Arbiter are characters I’d wish to see more just because their aren’t that many. Namely Arbiter.

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If you want i could play against you sometime as both of those characters. They both were my mains before Eagle and Kilgore

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I would like to take that challenge, sounds fun!

When? Well that’s a nice question, since I’m doing a lot of extra hours lately, but we could try to arrange something soon!

BTW I main Aganos, Eyedol and Gargos


Lobby, lobby! How’s your Eyedol by the way?