The Complete Killer Instinct Guide ( [All post-S3 chars added!]

Glad you fixed the Cinder shadow pyrobomb thing I mentioned. Keep up the good work and I’m eagerly awaiting reading the Kim Wu page.

Just a small thing:
In the Kan-Ra section you list the moves that flip out. Light clutch is not the only version that does flip out. Medium and hard do as well.

I like that you emphasized how important shadow spike is.
Amazing work

In the bottom part of Mira’s page, the previous character is Aria and the next is Tusk, so she is in the spot of Kim Wu. After Rash, the next character is Jago, when Mira should be there.

You are doing an awesome job with your guide man, thank you a lot!

I know your Kim page is still WIP, but just to make sure here’s two things you’re missing:

-Medium and Heavy Way of the Dragon can be be special cancelled on hit, block and even whiff

-You state that Dragon Cancel can be used “after any move” and “in the air.” You should clarify that dragon cancel cannot be used after attacks that started in the air.

Why am I seeing all these people on twitter posting an image of a modified Shadow Jago page? I don’t know where that is but from what I’ve seen it’s HILARIOUS XD.

Enjoy xD


Mira’s page is now done!

There’s only about 2 weeks until the end of the month, and the patch could drop before then, so I’ll keep working away on Kim/Rash pages and see what I can get done before Gargos drops. I really hope I can get at least one of them done, but I don’t want to make too many promises. These things take so long and I don’t want to do a half-job.


Great job @Infilament! As always, this page is full of good advices!

As a small teaser of what’s to come, you always compare each character to others fighting games characters. Have you choosen Kim and Rash’s ones? Rash somehow reminds me to Spiderman and Spencer from MvC series.

i read that Kim page the other day, it’s probably about 75% done, you hit it on the head where shadow dragon kick enders should be coming out fast and furious. the only thing completely missing is the juggle property on her split kick. grounded anti-air + split kick juggles is a force.

obviously there’s the nunchaku shenanigans, I’ll just wait to see what you come up with for all that in her strat section

Style: A little bit of everything
Most Similar To: lol

Please, keep that LOL XD


Is that what Infil put?


Oh Infil, PLEASE keep that. It fits Gargos so well.

Edit: @Infilament, the Mira page is giving me a 404. Something on my end?

Seems fine to me? I just typed into my browser and it works fine. Did you click a link somewhere that I mistyped?

Yeah, looks like I mistyped the link on the Gargos page, should be fixed.

Yeah, I hit the button to go to Mira’s page from Gargos’s page. Thanks! It works now.

Gargos page:
“Most Similar To: lol”

You actually did it XD


Yo, Kim’s page it’s up!

Great work Infil, as always!

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Getting the videos up, hopefully within the next few hours, that’s just a test page!

Although I must admit, I’m surprised anybody looked since I put it up just an hour ago or so. I hope you haven’t been looking every day! lol


Okay, Kim’s page is done!

Hopefully I can keep this momentum up and finish the last two characters (Rash and Gargos) before the next patch.


You’d be surprised how little some of us have to do…


And I will still do it until it’s finished! And beyond!

Really, I take a look every day, and not only the unfinished characters. I like to read again each one. Your guide it’s really fun to read, and I like to compare the numbers you gave to each character in terms of Damage, Zoning, and all that stuff.

What leads me to a question: Why did you ranked so high Tusk’s Zoning?

good stuff as always on the Kim page, I always pick up a few tips reading your guides