The 'clean up the ki forum' post

this is a short one… ok, so after liking and commenting on about 23 posts from JANUARY OF 2016!!!.. And making a real jackass outta myself, i thought… hmm… maybe these 2 year old threads should get deleted?? just an observation… lol… its like facebook but, hillbilly facebook… it needs cleaned up…

Perhaps it would be better to check the date of the post before commenting on it instead. Keeping old threads around makes it easy to answer repeated questions and archive cool stuff.



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What they said^^


Maybe not get deleted, but possibly autolock after an extended amount of time. Old threads can be a great resource for going back and pulling old developer posts, plus think of all the tech threads that would help out new players.
So yeah, maybe lock them down so they won’t keep getting suggested to people, but definitely don’t delete them.


Nothing is going to be deleted. It will stay as is, just be more conscious of the date threads are posted


In general this is how most forums work.

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