The Circle Movie

Now this looks to be a REALLY neat and interesting as well as thought-provoking movie I wanna say. Also do any of you find the film’s premise/underlying theme AND scenario to reflect the overall reality and at the same time world that we’re currently living in right now? Big Brother even anyone?

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Hi you know what bro this movie is goin to be like a bomb , i like the scenario

BTW : really nice movie

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I love me some Tom Hanks.

…Emma Watson’s not bad either.

…and John Boyega? Wasn’t he in some space movie?


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Have you watched Inferno? Its really really good!

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Not yet, but I want to - I’ve seen the other 2 already.

It has Felicity Jones from Star Wars Rouge One as the main co-star. Its really good man, way better than Angels and Demons. Its non stop suspense thriller through the entire movie.

I already knew Felicity was in it.

I think it was some indie movie called… Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

He was actually in another “space” movie called, “Attack the Block”.

He’s in a new Netflix original too.