The character I want in post season 3

Now this may be a little bit silly but I want to see soliare from Dark souls 1 now I really love the souls games however soliare has always been one of my favorite NPCS of all time but what do you guys think?

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Artorias or death!

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I would love that to.

I also suggested that few days ago.


His Instinct could be putting Sunlight Maggot mask on, buffing his frame data and giving access to Sunlight Spear projectile.

That’s a great idea but the sunlight maggot?That turned him hollow how about he uses a soul that gives him his instinct but if I would I would make a request for him to be in the game.

I maybe a dark souls newbie that really got into dark souls at bloodborne and dark souls 3 but I just can’t get over how amazing it would be to have the abyss watcher in KI with that amazing sword and dagger moveset that was so different from anything else I saw in dark souls for a long time. It should be obvious what his instinct should be XD show tusk how a real fire sword looks like lol


Dark Souls in KI? SIGN ME UP

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I would love to tell the devs

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I was completely joking. I only mentioned Artorias because someone suggested him before (never finished the first game).

Guys, if it were a guest it would be a Microsoft property. That’s just the way it works.

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I thought of it as a idea and I wish it was in the game.

Unfortunately this is true however as long as I can imagine how awesome this would be, then Ian placated…for now. Instead get me dat sweet spawn or venom from marvel and I will be more than satisfied

In honor of @anon39655210

No guest characters. Well at least not for me. I’m fine with Rash as is.


My legacy carries on. XD

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If we got something like this instead of a Halo/Gears/Rare character I’d be shocked.

Artorias would be awesome. The Nameless King would be another good choice imo, I’d love to get a chance to play as him after all of the hours of frustration he brought me.

Unrelated to Dark Souls, but I’d like to see Earthworm Jim in KI. Last I heard the IP was up for grabs. Jim VS Rash matches would be hilarious.

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Nah, no more guests, unless it’s Joanna cause I expect that will be asked for alot.

Unless Darksouls puts something KI related in their next game.

Bloodborne 2 with sabrewolf secret boss?! Totally fine with that. Dash through eclipse is going to wreck so many players lol

I was thinking of something mroe permanant and not one off, like KI themed armor or weapons

Phphphhh! I WISH!!

Id rather have a Bloodborne Hunter…but anything from the Souls series would be fine with me!

I have never understood the fascination with the Dark Souls series. Not to discredit the game or developers as much as to say I’m absolutely oblivious and simple minded where to start.

I mean it as, a good starting point to understand the lore but also find a way to get comfortable with the steep learning curve.

Don’t mean to go off-topic here, I just don’t know who that is. The only dude I know from the souls series is some knight that follows you sometimes… that’s not a very good description.