The Case For Season 4 / Questions About Updates

Over the past couple days I’ve been playing Shadow Lords, and the thing that is crystal clear to me is there must be a plan to continue taking this game further. Be it the last community survey, the fact they made ShadowLords expandable, or the story elements that haven’t been dealt with yet (like Shadow Jago’s comments to Kim Wu in Shadow Lords) I really feel like we aren’t done with this game.

I’ve long said I’m hoping for a Season 4, and I continue to be in that camp, regardless of the comments about the game potentially outgrowing that model. I will say that I do miss the days of more regular updates. The weekly streams with DH playing the latest build of the game was exciting, their passion was infectious, and made me have to have this game. The weekly textual streams with IG were great with the occasional live stream, and they took the game places I never considered possible. At one point we even received regular YouTube updates with Mike Robles! That has all slowed down.

The general consensus on the forums sometimes seems to be the development is slowing down to match, but I’m hoping that isn’t the case. I loved hearing Keits comment (Paraphrasing) about IG developing KI as long as possible, and recently I believe Rukari stated we’re up to more players for this game than ever. It has been continually said that if we keep playing, it will remain in development.

Question: Considering all this, why is the information regarding updates so sporadic now?

KI is great. This game takes a lion share of my time on the XB1, as I’m sure it will on the XB1X. I just want to know if we can get to more regular information, or where the game is going, or capable of going.