The Callings Idea

The idea is this: when a character reaches a (character) specific number of hits…about 15…he can drop the combo and activate The Calling.

Calling is a sound effect (could also be optical) that has to do with the story of each character.

Jago Calling: The sound of monks meditating in high frequency. They or a walking tiger could make a transparent appearence at the corners of the stage.

Sabrewulf Calling: Τhe howling of a large pack of wolves showing their dominance of the area. Same way transparent appearence.

Glacius Calling: Alien talking or a large spaceship sound. A white light vertical beam hovering across the stage.

Thunder Calling: The sound of a massive storm.Multiple thunders strike the stage.

Sadira Calling: Creepy silence,no music. Her gang makes its appearance.

Orchid Calling: Telecommunication sounds trying to locate her, her father’s voice. A different cat transparent sitting at the middle of the stage.

Spinal Calling: Ceremonial drums on law tempo, Kan-Ra’s voice whispering spells. Transparent bones rising from the ground, a huge skull.

Shadow Jago Calling: Gargos voice provoking him,ordering him to destroy. Stage becomes darker,lights illuminate

Fulgore Calling: Aria’s voice giving him orders. More Fulgores appear and disappear in the stage.

TJ Combo Calling: The ring of the bell and crowd shouting …T-J-COMBO…T-J-COMBO. His transparent coach giving him instuction.

Maya Calling: Myra calling for help. Myra’s face transparency behind the opponent.

Kan-Ra Calling: Kan-Ra’s voice reading life absorbing spells. A thin cloud of sand rises in the stage.

Riptor Calling: The sound of her children. Eggs or small transparent dinosaurs appear running the stage.

Omen Calling: Gargos voice insulting,depressing him. Shadows appear flying around the stage.

Aganos Calling: Mechanical sounds and voices of a king. Flowers popping up from the ground.

Hisako Calling: Ghost voices from the people of her village. Walking ghosts across the stage.

Aria Calling: Aria speeches about the non-worthy of her opponent and the supremacy of herself. Aria starts glowing.

Cinder Calling: Conversations from cinders conversion procedure, cinders screams,fire sounds. Extreme heat deformation effect at the stage.

Rash Calling: Disco music.Stage becomes darker, strobe balls appear.

Kim Wu Calling: A dragon voice is talking encouraging Kim Wu. Kim Wu’s dragon at a much bigger scale making circles over the characters.

Calling lasts about 7-8 seconds. During that time the opponent cannot BLOCK, so he must either attack or run under more pressure.

I think Callings are fun and scary. It can be a new feature that adds more story to the gameplay.

And that’s it. What do you think about it?

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