The business of gaming

Every once in a while, we have a thread about KI that devolves into a discussion of why MS has made certain decisions about KI. This always highlights for me how little we, as a gaming community really think about or understand the business of making games. I stumbled across this video today by Allanah Pierce (formerly of IGN) talking about EA’s press conference. I thought it was interesting and insightful and might be of interest to some folks here.
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Thanks man! I’ll watch it tonight and drop my thoughts in this space over the weekend.

Yeah, definitely an interesting video. I didn’t super keep up with E3 this year (and truthfully haven’t paid much attention to an EA conference in quite some time), but the video is a good reminder of the competing interests/goals surrounding game development that a lot of gamers just totally ignore. Not everything is about “the fans” (by which I mean that hardcore vocal segment who actually watch these things), and it’s always good to keep that in perspective.