The best color 9's? Favorite character color?

I just reached level 50 with Orchid and I am really happy with some of her later colors. Especially her color #9 I really like. I won’t be able to pull it off this time but I am hoping to take Aria to level 50 next time and get her #9 color. But to be honest, I don’t really like it, but as an Aria player I have no choice :wink:

In your opinion, who has the best color 9? What are your favorite colors for each character?
Any disappointments?

Some of my favorites are:

  • Cinder color #9
  • Fulgore colors #4 to #9 are all awesome. Too bad I am not a Fulgore player.
  • I think Glacius #8 is better than his level 50 color.

My least favorite:

  • Kan Ra colors #8 and #9 are so so imo.
  • Hisako color #9
  • Maya #9 (actually almost all of her colors are a tad bland)

I like and enjoy ALL of the Color #9s and ALL of the colors on and for each of the KI characters :sunglasses:

My favorites are:

  • Fulgore #9
  • Cinder #9
  • Glacius #7 and #8 are better than his #9 i think lol
  • ARIA #9
  • Sadira #9 is actually really cool to me too

least favorite:

  • Maya #9 looks weird to me
  • Tj’s #9 doesnt seem too special to me
  • Jago’s #9 always makes me laugh lol

Everyone else’s are all pretty cool too!

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Kan Ra #9 is epic color, I’ve seen!

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Spoken like a true fan

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Thanks and appreciated that too :grinning:

Wulf is definitely my favorite. Absolutely gnarly, hellish even.
Spinal and Fulgore are right up there, and Kan-Ra’s is a standout.
Riptor is a big one in my heart, as is Sadira’s…
Thunder and Orchid surprised me, really like them.
Jago’s fulfills part of a joke request I made during a live stream, and would look pretty cool if the KNEE PADS WOULD STAY THE PROPER COLOR
ARIA has a bit of an Ultron Vibe, which is neat I guess…
Cinder’s is interesting. Monochrome to balance out all the vibrant colors.
Aganos, Hisako, and Glacius all kinda fell flat for me.
TJ and Maya’s 9th colors both resemble previous unlocks way to much to make them feel anywhere near unique, even with Maya’s extra tattoos and fishnets. Really uninteresting.
Shadow Jago, Omen, and Rash have no 9th colors and therefore lose by default :stuck_out_tongue:

I like a lot of the Color 9s, my favorites
Jago (when they fix his knee guards they still show as Gold)

Eh might as well list a bunch of other colors I dig…
Jago color 3
Sabrewulf color 4
Thunder color 8
Spinal color 7,8
Fulgore color 4,7
Aria color 8
Hisako color 7
Maya color 8

I’ll stop there haha.

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Actually, I think Wulf’s color 9 and either 6 or 7, is up there with the best.

I don’t know why I don’t like Kan Ra #9, maybe it is better live in action. :wink: many of you seem to like it.

Oh, how I want a color editor , but that’s another topic…

Cinder’s color 9 IS pretty cool. Especially when paired with the matching accessories as well.

For Glacius I prefer his color 8, which is pretty awesome.

Other colors I enjoy, since it’s been brought up:
Jago: Default, 3,4, 7
Sabrewulf: 3,4,6,7
Thunder: 4,6,8
Sadira: 4,5,8
Orchid: 7,8,Holiday
Spinal: 4,5
Fulgore: 4,5,6
TJ Combo: 2,4,6
Maya: 6,8
Kan-Ra: 6,8
Riptor: 4,6,8
Omen: 5 w/demon accessories (only way I play him 90% of the time), 6
Aganos: 3,4,6
Hisako: 2,4,7
Cinder: 2,6,7
ARIA: 3,4,6,8
Shago:1 (holding out for a deep dark wine red for the future plz <3)

Oh yeah, holiday Orchid. Actually one of my favorites outside holiday season, lol.

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Mhm. Even without the Candy Canes I’m just really glad she finally got a red color!


I wish Maya had bright colors too.
She doesn’t look tropical at all (if that means anything) :frowning: i would play her more.

Huh, I spose she doesn’t have many bright colored outfits…I usually prefer the darker ones on her (though I’ve come to accept 5 and 9 as ok) but it would be interesting.
I think that’s why I like a lot of the 9th colors that I do; they’re nice and punchy, catch your attention. A lot even glow.

I like the darker ones too, but some of the other color palettes are a tad too bland for me. Almost washed out, maybe it’s just me.

I loveJago’s 9 but it’s about damn time they fix the kneepad color bug

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While I do not have any of the 9th colors and probably never will. Tron fulgore #9 is amazing.

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Top favs:
Kan Ra’s #9
Spinal’s #9
Glacius’ #6 (i think…the blood red one)
Sadira’s #8
Sabrewulf’s #9

Least favorites:
All of Jago’s colors