The Arbiter/Aganos Matchup

Continuation of the discussion from the GGs thread. Discuss away!

Rash wins this easily.

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The sad thing is that it’s true. Rash is a tough matchup for Arbiter. However this is about the Arbiter and Aganos matchup, because Arbiter is boss against him.

Aganos can win this if played right. First you start off with some loopable thrusting. Once Arbiter gets close,block some stuff. If he tries to command grab,jump. If you have a grenade on you,do a shadow depending on the timing of the grenade and grab.

It’s not that simple.

Well if Aganos has a good defense,then Arbiter will have a hard time opening him up. He doesn’t have a high low mix up. Aganos needs to be patient. If Arbiter throws a grenade,shadow punch. Basically be perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

1 thing I admit I have not tried is seeing if Aganos’ shadow pulverize will work against Arby’s command grab. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s his throw invincible move right? If so…that can work for the non shadow versions before he goes invisible. You could try that just before he grabs youbut that requires perfect timing. The shadow version is throw invincible during it’s startup so I wouldn’t bother there.

Your post confuses me, as I lose track as to whether you’re referring to pulverize, shadow pulverize, or Arby’s command grab half way through your post.

Any move will work provided I hit his command grab during the startup frames, but that doesn’t necessarily stop the grenade.

…which is why I think it’s better to wait and use Aganos’ shadow pulverize, because (theoretically) it should counter the command grab when Arby reappears. It should even work against the shadow command grab, but I would have to be more careful with the timing, as Arby could just hold it, cause me to whiff, and then strike.

If you’re referring to Arby’s command grab being throw invulnerable (I don’t honestly know if it is, but it should be, as that makes perfect sense considering that it’s, well, a command grab - and that just so happens to be a specific property of command grabs in that they beat regular throws), that doesn’t matter since Aganos’ pulverize and shadow pulverize are not grabs. :wink:

I don’t play aganos so I can’t remember exactly.

Well, I do. I know almost everything there is to know about him. Also, this post of yours that I quoted, along with your last post, are still confusing…

I wouldn’t worry about it then.

Of course you don’t have to - you’re not stuck in this dilemma, but I am! Even worse, as far as I can tell, I still have yet to see any truly good solution to this.

Oh, and BTW, the shadow pulverize DOES WORK against Arby’s command grab - but, yet again, that doesn’t necessarily protect me from the plasma grenade follow-up. In fact, the slow shadow pulverize may actually make it easier for Arby to punish me with the explosion, unless it puts us both in neutral (it really depends on the distance at which Aganos hits him with the pulverize).

You could just follow the trend of everyone else and counter pick.

Armor protects you from the grenade…

[quote=“FengShuiEnergy, post:14, topic:7870, full:true”]
You could just follow the trend of everyone else and counter pick.
[/quote]Um, no. I will not do this. Oh, and for the record, not everyone else does that… Case in point - me.

Oh, I know, but that point becomes moot against a good Arby player, like @RGLOfficial, who will remove the armor with carbine shots beforehand.

I have also learned that the shadow command grab, if held, ALWAYS beats out Aganos’ shadow pulverize, since the shadow pulverize is only throw invulnerable until it hits, and since it whiffed…

@GalacticGeek sempai said I have a good Arby!

In all seriousness though, I’m not sure if there are any situations with Aganos that Arbiter can’t escape from. But then again, THESE CHARACTERS ARE NEW, PEOPLE!

Give it some time, then we’ll see how the matchup evolves.

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