The Arb-ory: A Place for Discussion on Alien Weapons and You!

Hello folks! I haven’t seen anything like this yet so let’s get it started. This thread is for discussing tech and strategies in one, central location for our Alien Overlord. I’ll start with some of my brief observations over the past few days. The main point of this thread is to present our findings so we can start dissecting them. If they work, if they don’t, if they can be improved, etc. I’ll try and update the OP as we get it going.

Carbine Openers: I haven’t mapped it out yet, but the carbine actually has enough hit stun in air to be used as an opener. As long as you’re on your way down in the air, you can shoot a round and do a Mercy’s Demise lunge to initiate combo as soon as you hit the ground if the round hits. It seems to work within about 2/3 screen if you’re already coming down from max height and within around 1/4-1/2 screen if you’re at max jump height. Shadow Mercy’s Demise seems to connect form anywhere as long as you’re on your way down. With some practice, this could serve as a great air footsie into hit confirm.

Truth Seeker Ender Corner Mix-up: Ending combos in the corner with Truth Seeker allows you to do his LP,LK target combo. This combo can be cancelled into a special, leading to a simple mix-up between Prophet’s Bane and Truth Seeker after the Flip Out. If you think they will try to block, they get caught by the command grab. If you think they will jump, they get knocked down by the overhead slash. Once you have them expecting a special cancel, you can begin ignoring the cancel and going for low option into Mercy’s Demise or what have you.

Truth Seeker Combo Start: Light Truth Seeker (and I think Medium) will combo start after a MP on hit.

Prophet’s Bane Tick Throws: Anyone have any headway on this? I’ve been using the LP,LK target combo and long range pokes but these are not reliable.