The All-Encompasing KI Season 3 Early Impressions Thread

Since some of us are already receiving the Season 3 patch on Xbox One (~60% over here! :smiley: ), it’s about time we get started with some of our first impressions.

Briefly, a few of mine:

  • The main menus look really sleek with the new colour style. On streams they looked washed-out to me, so this is pleasing.
  • The green smoke/mist in the character select screen is a cool effect, but it obscures character colours and accessories.
  • A slightly controversial note: as someone who was indifferent about the lvl4 enders, I think they’re worse in person. Still not the hill I want to die on, though.

I’m also getting pretty decent at Jago’s new endokuken antics already, and I’m pleased to report that shadow fireball, fireball xx shadow DP is still unbreakable…as long as there’s something breakable preceding it. I’m happy with that. :slight_smile: