The AI has a secret

Whenever you can please check the first 2 videos (Lab against Aganos).

*First video: checking how the AI block Aganos’ s.HK
*Second video: myself trying to block standing and finally going back to crouching blocking (I just wanted to make a clear difference).

Why is the AI ignoring the low hit? O_O

Bonus: If you want to see a funny TJ flying away check the fourth video (lol)


The AI is blocking the low hit correctly. Once the blockstop frames are over, it quickly switches back over to the standing position. It seems like for Aganos’ sweep there’s only 1 frame of blockstop. Using this link, you can watch the same video in slow motion (or frame by frame) and you’ll see Sabrewulf crouching for just 1 frame:


Amazing, I got the suspicion that maybe that was happening but trying to freeze youtube wasn’t working. That link is great!
So, one frame? I tried to do the fast crouching and standing block position to test that the same day and I might got it some times, but not with consistency, so I prefer to just block low and avoid the hit.

1 frame, wow. you have to have such a sight XD