The 5-frame buffer after Heavy Doubles

Something that bothered me since I first started playing the game is how some characters could place a jab (or any five-frame moves) after Heavy Auto-Doubles during combos. While this has been fairly balanced across the cast in Season 3, something that really begins to frustrate me (and you can say I should adapt) is how a single character can break his own rules.

TJ Combo… A character that is supposed to struggle apparently. I’m sorry but how can he leave Auto-Barrage with a jab? I thought he was supposed to be locked in until he finishes with the advantage ender or the Barrage Ender. For me, this is a game breaker. I already have a hard time against all TJ players (he’s extremely fast even outside of Instinct) but this kills it and doesn’t make me wanna face TJ players.

For me, the 5-frame buffer has always been something that is “against” the combo rules. I understand the idea of links thanks to Manuals and Counter Hits but you shouldn’t be rewarded in such a way. Especially since the KV gain isn’t that much severe to begin with. That doesn’t make sense at all.

I honestly wish there will be something else to compensate. I’ve been critical (and frustrated) about the game for a while, maybe I’m saying this and I shouldn’t but… I hope you guys understand, thank you.

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TJ…What an interesting match up.
I wasn’t sure I could link something after the auto barrage jab, I usually would go for a heavy buttons ender then the manual jab. It looks there’s a bug that would get you locked out because the game takes the light as a heavy (can’t confirm the bug though, I must try it more)

I think they don’t make everything standard for all the characters and many of them have their own traits. Some are really annoying (eg: not fan of the excessive juggling some characters have making them really hard to break…).

TJ has slow normals and despite he looks unbeteable in the right hands he has some weak spots you can exploit. The only problem is his damage (specially if you are locked in auto barrage) and his clutch potencial with last breath which can be quite scary if the opponent knows how yo use his Instinct.

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Well in order for TJ to get away with this you had to let a heavy slip by then the obvious pause lets you know he’s going to attempt linking the light which is a second obvious break point. That’s two obvious break points you’re letting slip by for him to do that and it’s not like it gives him anything special other than returning him to a regular combo.

that still defeats the purpose of his original nerf tho. if I found a small window for fulgore bolt into lazer cancels, what’s the point of the nerf?

The purpose of the nerf was to prevent him from switching strengths on every auto double since TJs would never actually finish the barrage, they’d just use it to make him hard to break but do normal combos. Him being able to leave the barrage by linking a light after a heavy doesn’t negate that change.

ah I see. thanks for clarifying. I forgot about all about that.

Pretty much what @SithLordEDP said. TJ has to expose himself to two relatively easy break points to get out of the barrage, and you as the defender can and should seek to capitalize on that.

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