The 4 new challenges

The first is the 2-year anniversary.
The second is to break 25 combos in ranked.
The third is 100-hit ultra in exhibition.

What is the fourth?

Challenge Accepted!: Perform 25 Ultra Combos in any game mode.
Starts on or around December 10th.

Aha, so it’s not even online yet. I was wondering why there was no description.

What? You mean I spent over 2 hours the other night in survival mode doing ultras for no reason whatsoever!? Ah man!!! :pensive:

At least you showed those CPUs who was boss. :computer:

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I just did it with Omen in exhibition, I suck with him but I was able to get a win and kickkickkick my way past 100 hits.

Hehe, I did the same. But I dropped the ultra over & over :smiley:
Hope my friend wasn’t too annoyed.