The 3 new Character Bonus S3 or Cast of S4

So this has been Bugging me since I sore the 3 new characters. One person tell me there Bonus characters but can someone Official confirm this for me.
Are the 3 New character Bonus Season 3 Character’s or Are we getting a small Season 4 that only has 3 character’s?

I would consider it a bonus for Season 3. Nothing was mentioned of a Season 4.

They are bonus characters but they don’t belong to any season.


I recall asking the same question. I was told they are neither S3 or S4. Personally I don’t like this answer because it means that my S3 ultra combo bundle won’t get em for me, but I also don’t have a S4 to look forward to. I’m spending extra to complete the roster, and I run the risk tharlt they suck as characters. Although I did get to play Kilgore in shadow Lords and he seems to hand pretty well for a first time run.

Why would they suck? The devs care a lot to make every character viable. Or do you just think they might not fit your playstyle?

I could imagine a bundle with all three characters for like ten bucks or something which is fine by me. Ultra owners got all they were promised.

Not season3 bonus and I think there won’t be any more “seasons”.

I think there will be more content just not in a seasonal format.

I just worry they won’t fit my play style. Just like jago, he is fully fleshed out and balanced, but I still hate him.

Don’t you main Riptor? That’s his worst matchup :sweat_smile:.

Uh yeah. Riptor is my main, I like to be vicious. Knock em down then rush in and beat em up. But what I see of alot of jago players is hangout on the other side of the screen and spam fireballs.

Play Raam. Teaches you the importance of walking your opponent to the corner and keeping them there.

If they release them like Kilgore, you have a chance to try them out and then decide if you want to purchase. Maybe they’ll have a bundle pack after all 3 are released.

I already do use raam alot. Sounds like a good plan. But in all honesty, I’ll probably buy the new characters regardless. Maybe I’m just getting early buyer’s remorse.

So use Riptors projectile and duck under. Not much Jago can do from full screen…

They are neither Season 3 or Season 4. They’re just bonus, like Shago, he doesn’t belong to S2 or S3 (though you can find plenty of people that would argue that he is one or the other. Heck there are even people that insist he’s a S1 character.)


They’re not free ‘bonus’ characters for season 3, since season 3 has ended and they’re not season 4 content. They’re standalone characters, not attached to any season of Killer Instinct.

Just new characters… nothing ‘Bonus’ or ‘s4’ related… just new characters


I already do that, but I don’t toggle predator mode as much as I should, and once jago uses a shadow enduken or instinct mode, predator stance won’t help. But you raise a good strategy. Thanks.

So if we own the Definitive Edition already, are we paying extra for these new characters?
That wouldn’t seem very “Definitive” to me

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You mofos and your discussions over the semantics of “definititive” and “complete”