That's how CAM helped me get to killer rank

First of all, i m not here claiming I’m good or pro, I’m just an average player who loves and plays fighting games from since when I was a kid. Never had enough time to invest in the game, school first, job now, but I love fighting games and I know how to play them, just can’t practice or play enough. When CAM came out I felt it was unfair to hit confirm a combo just by spamming lp, so I disabled it. Then KI ( which is absolutely the game I felt in love the most) went free with gold. My problem was that with my little time I was able to play very few an being gold rank, only against killers . My stats was 50/50 so my rank was stuck, neither went up or down. But now an army of brainless mashers invaded xbl and killing each other mashing with CAM they climbed to gold rank. I feasted on em and got my killer rank. So happy I wanted to share. And before the obvious " killer rank is easy" I know, not claiming anything, I m just happy, easy or hard is a personal thing. Lets wait for season 3 now, which I hardly can


Well Congrats to getting to Killer! :smiley:

Who’s your main?

I main Sadira… :smiley:

Maya, the hottest if the cast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cinder disagrees.


Can t reply on that

Na sadira is the hottest lady of KI :wink: lol

Congrats though, I just got the game like 2 weeks ago and am still only a qualifier lol

I think Riptor is the wildest of the ladies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nah… She’s a cold blooded biotch… That’s at least what I’ve heard. :slightly_smiling:

Riptor will eat your heart out. She’s kinky, but that’s they way I like it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well i hit KILLER rank just a few days before CAM came out, so it looks like my hard work was for nothing. LOL

I would have made it there THINKING i was good but not.

Ranked Leagues are going to get a HUGE re-work though, (Because right now its downright a LAUGHABLE mistake on IG’s part) so if they do reset the ranking system, and it took away my KILLER rank, i would be VERY happy. I dont deserve it, and i know i dont.

Hope they make the ranked changes after KI World Cup, because it falls at the end of the month, which will fall perfectly in line with the KILLER TIER reset system.

Hopefully you’ve noticed by now that if they block your LP spam, you’ll get the same outcome as if CAM-less players just thoughtlessly spam LP twice but with a quarter-circle in between.

Anyway, congrats on your ascension. I think Leagues is still technically in beta, but for all we know, the tiers might already stratify the player base in more-or-less the way IG intended.

Congrats man! Isn’t it a great feeling! I know it meant a lot to me when i finally made it. Seemed like it took forever!
You aint kidding though about all the new players in exhibition! They are out in full force! Which is fun because they are easy wins LOL
I try to take it easy on them though…until they TB me or something

This is a great story. It’s not clear how much has to do with CAM and how much has to do with the Gold deal, but it illustrates the truth that many things can be overcome by simply getting more people playing the game.

I was one of the people who dismissed the argument that we needed a PC version to build the player base. Largely because the conversation was going on in the middle of S2, and there was a new character being released every month. Plenty of people were playing. We also had lots of people playing ranked. It’s amazing how fast people forget. There were hundreds of pages of text complaints about the season 1 rank system and the new(er) ranked leagues system was considered a great success when it launched. Tons of people were on, playing ranked and, importantly, it accomplished exactly what it intended to - which is to rejuvenate the rank system and get people grinding away for the top 32. The problem now is that only high level players are playing rank. Yes, you can say that’s a problem, but it’s a very different problem than when the Ranked League was implemented. Further, it’s a problem that can be well addressed by… adding lots of new players.

Bring on S3 and the PC port.