That scrapped vampire from KI2

With the Mira info coming soon, I started thinking about that old vampire. I tried looking up stuff on the character, but I can’t seem to find anything. Were there any models, artwork, or descriptions people found in the files? I would really like to know about this character!

There really wasn’t much to speak of, there is some long lost artwork that has never been revealed somewhere according to the character designer. Honestly not much known is about him other than he was a Lestat style vampire and his unused music went into Conker’s Bad Fur day.

Mira’s inclusion basically seals his fate though, we’re probably never going to know who he could have been.

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Awww man, he seems way cooler than Mira. I wish we could have got him instead. I feel like the best vampire for KI would be this scrapped one because this is the most well known design for a vampire, or a monster one since KI is known for it’s not so human looking characters. It’s a shame this character will probably never exist.


Well maybe this character can still appear in the Lore at least, what if the “scrapped KI vampire” is the one who turned Mira in the first place? what if they’re lovers? I mean MK has characters that are kinda essential to the story without being playable (AS MUCH AS I WANT SAREENA AS A DLC CHARACTER) plus who knows? maybe in a future KI game something happens to Mira and this “Lestat” themed character enters the fray?

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Man, i love that vampire theme! I can practically imagine him and his stage just by listening to the theme.

That theme is quite nice. :astonished:

WOW, i was about to hate really hard on the theme, and the people who say that a character who WE’VE NEVER SEEN is beter than Mira,

But that theme kicks ***.

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Ok. That theme is fire :persevere:

I was hope they bring unused vampire back in Season 3. But they pick up different vampire… : (

Could be a bonus character like omeni feel its up the sleeve

Mira looks perfect. I fell in love with her in the S3 trailer