That feeling when your shadow beats you

Your own creation…bested you and then it taunts you afterwards. There is no other worse feeling…

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PRIDE, nothing but pride. “Now go my son”


Haha I love that topic

I don’t know. I work hard on my Aganos shadow (currently at 75 offense, 52 defense, 53 combos, and 54 whatever that last category was) and I wanna cry every time I see how bad it is.

I like the improvement my shadow does…but I was taken back when it broke a majority of my things and I couldn’t even combo/counter break it properly. And it’s not like it was doing anything crazy either.

Next thing I know shadow sadira pops instinct, I mistime a breaker and get jump canceled into ultra followed by a taunt.

It hurt more then it should have.

Last category is style.

i’m proud if my shadow beats me! it tells me i trained it well enough and that it will survive well in other battles.

Last time I played your shadow he ended up eating all my fireballs the who game… it was just brutal.

Which is why it’s so odd - I’m really good at blocking or flicking away projectiles, so to have it just stand there and take it? Even worse, he never quick-rises - that stat is like .09 or something ridiculously stupid. I quick-rise all the time, so why he doesn’t blows my mind, and because he doesn’t do it, he gets destroyed because he has no time to do anything as slow as he is. It’s my personal opinion that my shadow does NOT play anything like me.

Mine does to an extent. Then sometimes it does it’s own thing. Also regarding the quick rise in defense, I QR a fair amount but the % is 0. And my shadow DOES QR as well. Just like me…yet the stat is still 0…

Mine double ultra’d me with orda shield juggles and the taunt underneath! thats my boy!