Thanks guys! Forum milestone

So…I just got this today:

Wow. IMHO, that’s an achievement. I don’t know what to say. I mean I know it’s not much different than getting a gold star next to your name, but still, considering there are so many awesome people in the community that I honestly feel are more deserving…especially considering the only other 2 with the badge are Infil and rukizzel…

Anyway, thanks to everybody for enjoying all the memes, thanks for making the Weekly Tournament of the Forums series so much fun, thanks for enjoying watching me straddle the line between comedic gold and bad taste, and thanks for pretty much just having me around. I really appreciate it guys.


I contributed! You’re welcome :elephant:



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:smile: :grin: :sunglasses: :thumbsup: :+1: :clap:

That badge is (apparently) 6 months old news… yawn.



LMFAO, savage.

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You I can see a good reason for having it. Just doing the guide website pro bono and being a walking KI technical guide would certainly warrant getting the badge.

Me…I run a forum tournament that mostly runs itself and make funny pictures, and post a lot when I’m bored. I can easily think of several other members that should have gotten it long before me.


Haha, no need to try and justify it or pretend others are more deserving. You made 300 posts with lots of likes and that’s great!


Yeah, I wouldn’t say there’s anyone who deserves it more. Take the W man.

Which makes it even more ridiculous that they would ban one of the three most admired posters on the forum for making a joke about moderators banning people over leaks…


The forum age of zero tolerance?

Maybe the suspension wasn’t warranted, but I don’t know. I have to look at it through their eyes. When it comes to moderation of leaks, they are usually strict. Whether they know it was a joke or not.


Okay, send the guy a DM saying “please remove this.” It’s not like it’s “offensive content.” And we have a lot of VERY trolly people constantly disrupting every thread they touch but they haven’t broken any explicit rule so we all have to deal with their gunk. But saying “no leaks kappa” WHAM! Boot that (incredibly prolific and admired poster) clown off the forums. I think it was the wrong choice.

Yeah, I get it. Just trying to see it from their perspective is all.

I don’t want to carry on, but I’m a pretty empathetic guy. I wouldn’t want to be a forum moderator here or anywhere for that matter. I always try to give them the benefit of the doubt.

The clear intention of “don’t pretend to be a moderator” is so people can’t intimidate or browbeat others. Not to prevent light hearted humor. It wasn’t even subversive or encouraging forum anarchy.

There’s so many people saying completely outrageous and insulting stuff about the game, the mods, the devs and the forum. All fine. So I’m just not seeing it.

But hey, maybe they’ll ban me for talking about it.


Who was banned for leaks?

It’s @WrathOfFulgore

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Anyway, congratulations for the achievement, just realized what the badge was for. Dang dude, racking in those likes. If only we could exchange likes for in-game colors, lol. No, that would cause anarchy.

Not leaks, the whole post was my doing, I posted the whole standard form letter “don’t post leaks” edit mods do as a joke.
My guess is it was an automatic response to posting it word for word…what makes me think that is the post was left up unaltered the whole time I was on break. It was only for like a day & a half, & I’m pretty sure it got caught & I was unsuspended early because It was supposed to be until the 23rd (today) but yesterday around 8pm I was back on.

As far as I’m concerned it’s water under the bridge and I now know where the line is so I don’t cross it again.

Though, I do have to say the suspension wasn’t really necessary…a simple “don’t do that again” DM or a suggestion to change the post would have sufficed. I’m not here to purposely cause problems. I’m just here to hang out, have a good time, and hopefully help others have a good time as well.

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Edit: ugh, sorry guys. Double post caused by shoddy in-flight wifi. Nothing to see here.