Thanks from the bottom of my heart IG & to those who care

Ive been beaten down in my personal life to the point of breaking infinitly and one thing i cannot escape is people making fun of me but down to the very core of me ill fight to the death for my friends and i dont have any close friends in proximity to my home,because ive been beaten,tormented,made fun of to the point of breaking over and over but i always rise up.

sometimes you have to cry out for help when your alone and will talk out of desperation when you are tortured mentally. i am embarressed of my behavior but isnt that what the best of us are here for is eachother,to protect one another and even from themselves, ty IG ! ty for anyone who listened. and EAGLE!!! YYYEESSSSSS!!!

and Maxamillion ! your a true ACE ,never ever leave your wingman ,lol

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Whatever it is your are going through or haven been through, hope it gets better for you


Keep your head up man. Don’t let sucky people get you down. Stay focused on what’s important in life like family, friends, and first and foremost your own happinesss.


Stay strong and keep going as well as looking forward towards a brighter future man :slight_smile: