Thanks for Shadow Lab/ Skins/ update

I must say as a long-time and almost daily player since season 2, @developers @TheKeits

This mode integrated with shadow lords is the best thing in a while! Kim’s shadow lords dragon buff*
I used to scour shadow lab for people to fight and now it’s amazing to login to see multiple fights I can view replays and challenge more players than ever! Most of all to see my shadow in fights during shadow lords omg
I feel this will eventually be the jolt we need in the community as it promotes solo & multiplayer

The daily rewards are awesome and I look forward to hearing more about the gold skins. Can I request 4 shadow character slots???

Mostly waiting to hear what you guys have in store for future updates such as costumes/ guardians/ etc

I had to grind last night just to get that watcher as it was limited time so thanks for giving me joy daily for the last few years!
Please keep adding more characters koffjoannakoff
(What do you guys think about backstory costumes/accessories )

Thanks again!


Even if sadira and kan ra didn’t receive any damage buff yet , we are happy for the wolf (a real good adjustement to the others characters :relieved: it was also needed for him .) i say thank you for the wulf thats a nice , really nice adjustement. :sunglasses:

now we are waiting for all the cheap damager to get adjusted too. @developers we didn’t ask much , just like the wulf (adjustement in damages ) would be perfect for kan ra and sadira too. kiss kiss :kissing_heart:

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