Thanks for clarifying PC prices (refunds easy for early buyers)

With the latest blog post, revealing the totally sweet bundle pricing for for all 3 seasons- topping out at $50 for ultra everything with various price points below.

I’m not too mad about missing out on the classic edition games… since we’ve had access to those for decades

EDIT:for the last couple of days people were paying way more than they should have been paying for the game, but have reported it’s straightforward to get a refund on their preorders.

See y’all ingame on launch night, FINALLY!!!

Reads like trolling since you’re not even in that situation. Those people have gotten to play the thing for 2+ years.
I feel like any early adopter knew they were paying premium. It’s not like retro costumes and emulated games are must-have items. At most, people who just wanted to play this game have paid $40. Anything else was pretty frivolous and on them.

Anyways, I’m happy with the Windows Store price, too.

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He’s talking about early PC adopters who bought the seasons on the Xbox store over the last few days, not people that bought the game two years ago.

you missed the point “…over the last couple of days” which I had to add to the post to clarify. I’m obviously not thinking about people who paid and enjoyed the game over the last 2 years. But if I would have pulled the trigger yesterday or Monday, and I read around the web that some did, I’d have a huge problem with IG/MS right now. though maybe xbox customer service is a pleasure to deal with i have no idea

Usually I would say “sucks to be them” buy in this specific case many people asked here how they can buy the PC version and got the answer that they could buy the Xbox version with no worries. In no moment where they warned that they should wait for details on the PC version.

Yeah, I missed that completely. They have been very late with the pricing details and I do feel a little bad for anyone in that situation but mostly feel like they should have at least waited until launch.

they could just contact support and ask for a refund…

“it’s cross-buy! It’s self-explanatory! it is what it is! just buy it!” that’s all pc newcomers to the game got over the last two days. And the official link initially forwarded everyone to the store that wanted $120 out of us. Pretty terrible way to treat customers, especially if this special pricing was planned for a long time. hard to believe they just made it up over the last 24 hours.

Lack of transparency in regards to the pricing. This was probably Microsoft deciding a price point late rather than IG not telling us.

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Dude, they JUST released the pricing and there is a new “Supreme Edition” that’s all 3 Ultra Editions combined for $60 on Xbox and $50 on PC.

Whoever got all the Ultra Editions recently on the Xbox Store intending to play on PC got screwed.

Edit: original post was deleted

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So, I hope the lesson here is pretty clear: don’t preorder games.

In this case there was no reason to, you weren’t going to be preloading (as far as we knew, and you could’ve preordered later if preloading details were announced), and you could’ve basically plonked your money down at midnight on the eve of launch if that 18K of KI gold really meant something to you. I repeatedly told people to just hang back, wait until you download the free install of the game, and then worry about purchasing bundles and whatnot.

…but I don’t want to end my post with “I told you so”, even though I very well could. It’d be a bit low of Microsoft not to offer an upgrade path from the Ultra preorder to the Supreme Edition, the ability to collapse three seasons of purchases from the last few days into store credit, or whatever else – so I hope they do something along those lines.

For now I think your best recourse might be to call MS support or something and see if they won’t refactor your purchase in some way.


yeah they would easily get a refund. if that is the case.

Got my refund already which took less than 20 minutes to do. Now I need to find where I have to go to buy this new deal since I can’t find it on the Windows store.

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awesome stuff, thread changed. At this point I’d just keep waiting it out, or if the online xbox store shows the clear Win10 price options then that’d be the way to do it.

I hope they don’t flip the switch until after launch and then we miss out on any bonus preorder content. Which I could totally see happening.

They were for me when I just got refunded for buying S2 when it was on sale. It was pretty cut and dry. done and done.

it wont be up until the 29th as stated by one of the mods in another thread. It will only be available via the microsoft store… and only starting the 29th. there is no preorder for the pc version.