Texture/Rig swap article

This one’s a special little request, an idea for a one-off fun article or post, similar to a “bloopers reel” kind of thing.

I’ve seen pictures from various video games where a character’s textures are replaced by those for another character - I believe at some point on these forums I saw an image from the latest Smash Bros game with Pikachu’s texture on Mewtwo’s rig - absolutely terrifying!

I’m not speaking of a bug, but something done intentionally for fun. @rukizzel, @TempusChaoti @GoogleMyName do you think this is something that could be done with Killer Instinct’s characters to give us an amusing look at how weird these swaps would be? I’m picturing Glacius’ neutral pose, specifically, and how funny it would be to see the various characters stretched to fit his rig, and contorted in ways which are incredibly wrong when compared to their intended look!

This might be too difficult, or not worth the time, or maybe you guys don’t want to do so because someone might see the images and think they’re indicative of a bug in the game; but I’m willing to bet the idea sounds like it would be funny to see.

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IIRC, there used to be a bug in the Shadow Jago boss fight where he accidentally had Glacius’s rig. It was a horror to watch.

On our side, we see this all the time when we’re starting on a new character and want to test gameplay before the new rig and model is ready. We put a placeholder of an old character in for a while. Sometimes the new model comes in before the animated rig, so it gets placed over the old rig and… yeah. It’s scary.

Kan-Ra doing Orchid’s flip is something you can’t unsee.


Any chance we could get images or gifs or something of some of the really good or horrific ones?

Just seems like it could make for a fun article/text stream.

There is a clip in this video with Jago using Glacius’s rig. Killer Instinct 2013 Xbox 360 Prototype Build

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Holy crap, that’s some creepy stuff right there. :scream:

@TempusChaoti i agree with this. If just as a funny article. I saw a couple of videos, one of the SFV characters dancing (Ryu and Ken were hilarious, Mika and Karin was the other one I think, could’ve been Mika and Chun) and the other of swapped models, for example Mika’s skin on Ken. And those are funny as heck, because its weird and really goofy (lemme tell you though, once you see Laura’s skin contorted to fit Birdie’s body, instant boner killer material shudder).
If you guys would be kind enough to oblige, AND with the 1st of April coming up, it would maybe make a few smiles and some jaws drop in horror. :joy:


This could easily be represented as the “Spring Spruce-Up Costume Update,” implying the pictures are upcoming costume DLC for several characters - Kim Wu’s texture stretched across Aganos’ massive frame, or Kan Ra’s on Tusk, Thunder, or one of the ladies, for example.



This is so cool. I wanna see more @TempusChaoti . Can we see a match of you guys playing Aganos vs Hisako with swapped bodies?

@TempusChaoti i vote “for” this thread.

Is it just me or gla-jago aka shadow glago lol looks just as cool if not more than the proper rig version lol

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He looks awesome and intimidating

Was Shacius moves also taken from Glacius? It would be cool to see Shacius do his icelance only to see his skin stretched out that far.

Edit: Nevermind, it’s in the video.

Let’s push Shadow Glago for S3. Not Shadow Glacius, (even though he would probably look sick) but Shadow Glago

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That video was amazing…KI looks like it would have been pretty good on the 360

Yaaaas. The power of the Glago will destroy all!