Tessen Fan character idea

hey, what if they made a tessen fan using character like any of these characters, what would that character be like, does anyone else have ideas for it



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Honestly, I don’t think that’d be interesting or fitting for Killer Instinct. MAYBE as a gag weapon for a retro costume (Kim Wu?) but I don’t think a character based around that would fit on it’s own. This would likely work for an anime fighter though.


“Fan” from Yie er Kung Fu!

Agree… but remember, this fighter style works in MK, who has nothing of anime! :wink:

For me its a personal taste… i dont like :yum:

This is why I didn’t say it was a stupid idea, just that it doesn’t fit for KI. Kitana’s fans are also BLADES, whereas all of the posted images are normal fans. Anime fighters typically have more room to play around with what I’m going to call “weird” mechanics or designs, because to me at least, they feel much less grounded in reality. KI, while not exactly realistic, has a lot more realism than anime games.

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yes yes I understand you! I have this vision of the “universe” where KI belongs. I understand you perfectly when you said does not fit

And I particularly do not like this style, with blades or without blades

Meh I’ve got nothing against it but it doesn’t sound all that interesting a mace, flail or even a harpoon ect all seem like much more interesting weapons in my opinion.

I could see a Kitana like character in KI. I’m sure the double fans could make for some interesting combo mechanics. I’m thinking a mixture between Mya and Tj Combo with his vortex’s.

Not too sure about the variety in the specials though. Doesn’t seem they can do a lot with it.

Sure, why not so I’m now down for that potential character concept idea :slightly_smiling: