Terrible performance at 1080p

I played this game for months with no problems. I decided to come back to it today and the game was unplayably slow. Only when playing at 1920x1080. Performance tests at 1920x1080 with everything off/low. No other games are affected.

And here’s a performance test at 1600x900 with everything on/high since it won’t let me put 2 images in 1 post.

Is it the game? or your computer? .3. seems like almost anything cna go wrong with PCs when it comes to gaming

You say you just came back… I bet your current display driver is the cause.

KI has weird tendency to get better performance at specific versions of drivers, in case of this game newest driver is not always means better.

If you can remember version of driver you played KI on before, try to install it again and check.


As @VerminatorX says, try updating your drivers. I had a very similar performance issue yesterday and that fixed it for me.

I actually meant reverting to older driver…

Whoops, sorry.

I’ve tried 3 different drivers so far. The one I was currently using, rolling back to an older version, and then updating to the newest available. Same performance across all 3. I’ll try digging around to see if I can find a version confirmed to be working and testing that.