I just got into fighting games since the 90’s when I was a button mashing kid. I used to play Tekken in arcades and it was always my favorite fighting game in an arcade then.

Anyways, nowadays, I just got into it again because of MKX recently and then I tried KI and found that memorizing vortex combo strings was a little… stale, I like the dynamic combo system of KI way more. I’ve been even digging some BlazBlue and Skullgirls.

So that’s my tastes. I was thinking about getting Tekken Tag 2 on Xbox Live but as of today I saw if you preorder Tekken 7 you get a free Tekken 6. I want it but I don’t have money to just throw around and I’m a little hyped on Injustice 2 as well but I’m sure the latter will just be more NRS vortex chain BS so… If KI is by far my favorite fighter does anyone think I’d enjoy Tekken enough to warrant a $60 price tag?

I use enjoy Tekken back in the day but after Tekken 3 it had a slow decline spiking only when Tekken Tag Games came out. Because Alex and Ogre both returned and me and my brother got a chance to play together.

I kinda miss the old Jazz Fusion music from Tekken2 but beyond that, I say that my interest in the series had a good run.

Good to see that you’re enjoying the fighting games though dude! :+1:

Tekken Tag 2 is a lot of fun, especially for being my first true Tekken experience.