Team Ninja's Official Statement

So the last few weeks theres been a rumor circulating in the DoA Community that Team Ninja was going to anounce Dead or Alive 6 at NEC this year, which was the Final for Dead Or Alive 5’s Tournament Circuit known as the Battle Royal. LoL… as you can see in the video thats not quite what Team Ninja has in mind. Natural everybody’s initial reaction was one of disappointment. We were so sure that at the very least there was going to be a new game of any kind going to be anounced. Team Ninja only hinted that there was going to be a surprise at the Battle Royal Finals. As far I can remember the words “Anouncement” or “New” was never used by them… so the source of the DoA6 rumor is a mystery.

While nobody’s happy to see Team Ninja take a break… nobody I know has gotten so upset that they threatened to never play anything from Team Ninja ever again. Its up to the Community to keep the game alive until Team Ninja are ready to step back into the rat race.

Dead or Alive 5 was the game that got me into Fighting Games so my loyalty is unquestionable. We’l see how the rest of the community feels in the future, especially since Tekken’s on a roll now and Soul Calibur 6 as already been revealed.

You see? This is why nobody treats FGC seriously.

FGC got so used to updates and dlc life support that they lost the purpose why they play particular game in the first place. They expect to get non stop fed with updates and DLC’s, or sequels, and if their game gets an hour too old, they drop it for new one even if they won’t enjoy it. Everyone thinks they will win the ■■■■■■■ EVO.

People always complain “if KI development cycle ended, why won’t you announce and keep us in limbo?” Same stuff with NRS games. Here you see why. People will forgive you anything BUT treating them seriously and telling truth. DoA team kept it real and now they get ■■■■ on.

Crapcom gives 0 damn about SF5 technical issues. Legacy ticket and non stop DLC’s will keep their fanboys’ tiny brains preoccupied and their wallets fat, until SF5 gets old and irrelevant enough to stop caring for these issues move to new game.

I swear gaming community is bunch of illogical manchildren and publishers/developers are wise to not give a ■■■■ about 99% of us, we are too naive and in most cases ask to get fucked in the anus.


LoL… I’ve heard many dedicated DoA fans make the argument that: “Dead or Alive 5 is 5 years old and I think thats more than enough time to get started on DoA6.”

I think this argument is abit disingenuous because it makes it seem like DoA5 has been dead in the water for 5 years and that really isn’t the case. The game has been getting a constant stream of Content being added to it from its Release all the way up until last month… its mostly been costumes but there have also been new Characters and Stages added recently.

So as far as I’m concerned the real wait for DoA6 is only starting now. Compare that to Dedicated fans that have been waiting for a new Virtua Fighter & Soul Calibur and it makes those who are giving up DoA Because of this Statement seem rather Impatient.

But if they wana quit… so be it.

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It’s always sad when a game developer decides to put a game, or a whole series, on the shelf, especially if it is one you care for a lot. But it was a really nice send-away by Team Ninja, imo. It was done respectfully and tastefully…

… which cannot be said by the community. Holy f##k, people’s reactions are just cringeworthy! Now, I know it’s youtube, but looking down the comment section… They should just be torched. The toxicity from the community shows that none of them deserved Team Ninja’s thanks.

Team Ninja should just have let it die without having said a thing.

LoL… Infact they can get revenge and shutdown the servers and really punish those ■■■■■■■■. But obviously nobody at Team Ninja is going to stoop to that level. They don’t have that toxicity that you would expect to see from some gamers on the Internet.

Which is why I can’t even look at the Comment section of Youtube Videos anymore.

I don’t know… things are getting weird at right now so I’m going to refrain from saying anything drastic until one week has past.

That should be plenty if time to let those who want to leave… to leave and whoever’s left behind will have calmed down by then, hopefully. But right now its a roller coaster of reactions.

In part I agree with you but the community was annoyed by the fact they teased an announcement that everybody expected to be something entirely different. The video was a good way to say “see you soon” to the many players that spent the last 5 years playing doa5 but they all felt like being tricked nonetheless…

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I’m not losing sleep over Team Ninja’s announcement. Dead or Alive 5 had things that Killer Instinct should have; Character Command Training.

Minus the bikini crap, the franchise had a great story, but like Tekken 7 it ends on some weird cliffhanger.

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It Did ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

LoL… DoA’s Story mode is so confusing to me I was lost straight from the Cutscene… which is to be expected as this was my first DoA Game and I was essentially dropped in the middle of a Pre-existing narrative.

But I continue to be confused throughout.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining and I still enjoyed myself because this type of thing standard in Fighting Games.

All I’m saying is I didn’t know there was a Cliffhanger… lol hell there might be a plot twist that I didn’t notice too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

DOA5 has a story that includes a handful of characters. All the others were unimportant and just “Yay, we’re fighting in a tournament!” stuff. The real story is played out by, what, 5 characters…

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LoL… exactly.

In fighting games the only thing I expect from Story Modes is just to get insight into character’s personalities and motavations.

And they’ve always delivered. Of course you can get that stuff from win quotes and wikipages but its nice to see this stuff play out in nonsensical Cutscenes.

Last time I checked the Ninjas where going after that mysterious Tae Kwon Do fighter.

I could be wrong.

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Ah yes…


The Young “Donovan”. He got away (apparently he can fly)… and they plan on moving forward with Phase 4

I thought the story had some good points and bad ones.

They did a great job with the side characters and stories, and did a great job not having them overlap with each other even though it does skip ahead at times. There are a few specific things that I liked about it but I won’t go into detail.

Then they had some weird moments like some of these ones.


I wonder if Koei Tecmo can buy Bloody Roar from Konami? Since they’re putting DOA on the shelf.

… Dude… there’s a new DoA coming out soon.
They only put DoA5 on the shelf and moved on to make DoA6.