Team Mode

I was recently playing KI Gold, which aside from it’s critically brutal tuned down gameplay, features some beautiful modes and ideas. One of which was the ability to have a team based mode whether regular or Elimination.

Regular was just one life bar and your partner would takeover, whereas Elimination forced the player to preform a finisher on their opponent to eliminate them.

I’m sure this may have been suggested, I may actually be late but considering we are in Season 3.5, this would be the best way to boost the features in KI.

Although Shadow Lords Multiplayer was introduced as the new multiplayer mode, it never had potential because the format it was placed in.

Time and time again the community has asked for more modes and one of which was the ability to have tag battles, which Team Barrle would feature.

It would be something interesting to consider going down the line.


I loved ki gold, particularly Saberwulf move set. How do you play ki gold now? Did you get the rare replay game pack?

I support your ideia. KI needs different modes for versus battles (or even friendly mp). Sometimes I play aganist my brother and friends (local) and a couple of different modes would avoid the experience to become repetetive


What do u mean by shadow lords multiplayer never having potential because of the format ? Just curious

Yup, it did not age well lol.

Try to get a match with at least 5 diffierent people in the span of 30’. It never happens. You’ll get lucky if you even get a match quick enough.

The mode is, IMO, a failure. I like the concept, I truly do but in order to be good, someone has to invest the time in Shadow Lords. But, Shadow Lords is leaned more towards casuals and those who have enough time to invest in the mode. Most people who are interested in Multiplayer don’t play Shadow Lords because it takes too long or doesn’t appeal to them.

So the mode never had a huge impact or a lot of potential because it was placed in a bad format.

I like the mode, but it’s not stunning or great by any means. Hope that made sense? I could elaborate further if you’d like.


Ahh cool. I’m just a tad reluctant to get the rare replay because all the other n stuff is have no interest in playing

It’s pretty cheap from what I heard, has some good games. I was sold on The two Banjo titles and Conkers, otherwise The whole collection wasn’t a big seller for me either.

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Dang I’ve never tried it. I’m gonna check it out and see if I can get a decent amount of matches.

I suggested this multiple times on different topics, I absolutely love the idea and that mode from KI Gold… Fun as hell…!