Taunts shouldn't be cancelable

So you have to think if you should taunt or not, depending on how far and fast ur opponent is. If you taunt, the whole taunt has to play out. During that time, you’re vulnerable to your opponent. Some of these aren’t even taunts anyway. Like Glacius, he just wants to show off his little light as a friendly gift. Or Sabrewulf, he’s a human wolf, he has to howl as it is in his nature. Only few taunts are real taunts, like Jago, Fulgore, and Gargos.

Btw Gargos is a nice demon, after he defeats you he says “beautiful creature.”

EDIT: forget what I said. I just played Shadow Lords and found out taunting has some usefulness there. I made this post before I played shadow lords.

OK dude,

You JUST came off from a ban, and you have already made 5 threads JUST today.


This is another game-play idea that is useless. If you dont want to be taunted, dont loose. Stop letting it make you mad.


What is this even about?


I’m sorry but is making several posts a day against guidelines? And I’m actually making serious posts. Just asking, not trying to be rude or anything, because if it is I had no idea. I just want to know as I probably missed it in the guidelines. And no it doesn’t make me mad. It’s Just my thought about it.

It’s not even under suggestions. I just put it up for general discussion to express my thoughts and share with this community.

Using the taunt button tactically.

taunts are taunts, its a fighting game they are perfect as is, what your suggesting would make a taunt part of fight mechanics, this isn’t WWE… and Glacius flashes his ability to manipulate Ice, its like a flex


While you’re at it, maybe t-bagging should mean insta loose. Honestly I dont’ find the tautns that bad. And sometimes you can do silly little things with taunts. Like as Jago I like to slowly scoot away with canceling the taunt. But I only do it offline with my bro.

The only time I’ve ever seen Taunts used as an tactic is in 3rd Strike. Where Chin Li’s taunt lowered her stun meter, Makoto’s gave her an attack damage buff, etc.

The only reason I can see taunts being this way is to punish those that are cocky. No real depth to gameplay either if it’s changed or not.

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Having taunts be canceled is by design, why do you think they went of of their way and made Rash’s thrust loopable?


I like that idea. Maybe put risks for taunting but if you let it play out completely it gives you some type of buff or “OP” stuff. But have a limit on how many times it can be used.

No, he says pitiful creature. Why would he say beautiful creature?

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It sounded like beautiful to me. Thank you for correcting me.

I had no idea about rash’s taunt. I’ve never used him.

They made it intentionally so if you cancel > taunt he does a looping pelvic thrust animation.

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no, its not. It’s an “etiquette” situation.

Every post takes up space, and moves other posts out of the way. To be respectful, you should only make posts at a slow pace, and only if they are really important enough to compete with the other posts in the category.

For example… The “Official Bug Reporting thread” should NOT be in danger of being pushed out of the front page by threads titled “Jumping should cost meter”, “Taunts shouldnt be cancel-able”, and “Pausing during an online match”.

You NEED to take at least a day to think about every post before you make it. Ask yourself if the post is really worth taking up other people’s space and time. Or research your suggestion. After a day of thinking, im sure you would realize how absurd most of your threads have been.

No because I just want to hear laugh as much as possible!

Well, that’s why there are moderators to deal with that. If I’m not violating any guidelines I feel as if I should be ok and that I feel my posts are not being nonconstructive, I should be ok. And it also depends on which post was replied to last that bumps a thread. You are bringing up posts which have already been closed. I have new posts that I believe people think are positive, because they’ve been participating on a couple of them for the past few days. If someone is posting too much, the people in charge should create something like a quota, to limit the amount of posts a member can make per day.

Thank you for your feedback and opinion.

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IMHO it’s not necessary. To perform a taunt you’re already leaving yourself open for a quick second, and in many matches that’s all the opening your opponent needs to tear you up one side & down the other.

Yeah, no thanks.

I have wondered about this in the past as well. Now I am used to it but initially (early in season 2) I assumed that you had to wait until the taunt animation was finished. Personally I like both ways.