I get some people are not fond of the Taunting but I am a person who uses it at the end of every fight as a habit now. With the Select Button being the button for both Consumables and Taunting in Shadow Lord’s I keep Accidentally Using/Wasting my Consumables because I’m so use to Taunting. Can you guy’s make it that just pressing the Button make you Taunt and Holding the Button uses the Consumable that would help a lot. Thank You.


LOL yesterday I won a match and wanted to taunt for no good reason really and wasted my consumable without even starting the taunt animation :ok_hand:

Its probably not going to change. I would suggest you change your habit specifically for SL. Its pretty easy to stop yourself from doing a bad habit like taunting by just making a mental reminder.

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Same here, kept doing the same thing!!!

i dont like the idea of using an item by tauting. I waste my items everytime i have forgotten about it. It should be when you “click” the L3.

A good compromise would be to remove item use from taunt, and let 3P+3K be item use.
Quoting myself from another thread:

Just in case I didn’t explain that clearly, this is what I mean.

The ‘View’ (select) button is purposely placed out of the way.

but an option to make item use also work when hitting All 6 buttons would work like this:

Not a huge deal, just a nice convenience feature for stick users. However, it could free up the view (select) button for taunts on the controller to allow this:

Any reason why that would not work?

On that note why not just let all 6 buttons be used for taunt in general like SFV does, and have an option across all modes to choose if you want either:
A) 3P+3K=use & View=taunt
B) 3P+3K=taunt & View=use

Eh, it can stay. I’ve grown used to it now.