Taunting, and people's knee jerk reaction

I never understood why people complain about taunting or why people want them removed. When I taunt, its more just a communication thing and can mean multiple things…

a bunch of taunt cancels probably means I am having fun…like with Glacius “clap your hands” taunt.

1 taunt when I am getting my ■■■ kicked is more like a bring it kinda taunt

1 taunt when I AM kicking ■■■ means something like c’mon your better than this.

If anything there should be more taunts, because if you think in anyway like me, you know that a taunt can mean several different things. If anything there should be more taunts, more taunts with dialouge, more taunt animations and the ability to choose taunts durning fights, or maybe have a set…

not a big issue here, I think its just kinda funny how butthurt people get when taunted and cry for it to be taken out of the game.


I don’t want it taken out of the game; I just wish you couldn’t cancel it. While you make a point with Glacius’ so-called “clapping,” I find that for the most part, it’s not used in such a manner, and is often also accompanied with teabagging.

I have no issue with taunts, so long as it’s used sparingly.

Also, the reason it can upset so many people is obvious - it’s called a taunt for a reason…


I agree. Every character should have 4 taunts:

  • Respect taunt/Salute
  • I’m having a lot of fun
  • Bring it!
  • Try harder/You can do better than this

yeah i mean u and i were just playin and BS’in around and if u taunted me or visa vie then there is hostility… its just us saying how the game is goin.

Just cause I taunt doesn’t mean I’m disrepecting you…there are different meaning… any way GG GalGeek.

though I am DAF lol.

If your having fun playing the game then taunts almost mean nothing, or everything. I taunted u just for fun or just taunting to bait you…really its part of the game mechanics, which I thinik could be improved.

I like this idea.

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did you just hijack my post?

Regardless, I have only ever seen the current taunts used negatively, or at least that’s how I have interpreted them. That is why I never taunt, I don’t deserve to make someone feel the way I feel after having been taunted.

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IDK man, to me taunting can mean allot stuff… even if we both are playing with mics we just taunt just for fun. Yeah it can be a sign a disrepect but, people take it waaaayyyyyy to serious.

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In that situation, taunting is fun because both people know it’s not being done out of spite. In the situations I have encountered, the only communication is taunting and I don’t know the other persons context or reason for taunting. I know a lot of people are able to shrug it off, but if I get creamed against a stranger and they do 5 taunts in a row, I gonna take it as an insult.

Taunting is fine. When they keep canceling a taunt into another taunt over and over again it becomes annoying. Plus t-baggers must die.


Maybe if it was a good game they are just trying to say…

“Hey GG i don’t have a mic on now but these taunts should mean something”

Thats the was I see it, even if its outa spike which, really its should be, who cares…same for t baggers…really who cares its a friggin game.

Maybe do something like street fighter where you can select the type of taunt you want


THIS. 100%. :sweat_smile:

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+1 this completely! :joy:

I have no problem when the people taunt. Just as long as they burn in he-I mean have good intentions like reving their spirits up!

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This gets a +2 from me (after @VladKravich above).

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respect taunts and BRING IT taunts should be implemented. along with normal taunts i feel that are more disrespectful in nature like Jago taunt.

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