T-Bagging gone wrong

I don’t understand why people do it.



And I think they do it to give their opponents the motivation to beat them down HARD

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Maybe some people think other people won’t play as well when they’re angry.

I personally wish taunting wasn’t considered to be so rude. There are some cool taunts, but I don’t want to be a jerk.
Maybe if it was called something other than taunting… Like ‘provoking’ or ‘intimidating’.

‘Taunting’ has the undertones of 'I’m showing disdain for your performance because I’m a jerk."

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They do it because they are immature and disrespectful. They also know you cant do anything about it because they are online and they are cowards. I guarantee you that if you were in an arcade together…side by side…like in the KI classic days… they wouldn’t do it. Tea bagging did not exist back then because you would get the shift kicked out of you if you attempted any sort of disrespect like that in a public setting.

Good job on kickin the crap out of him afterwards lol!


taunts dont mean anything. tea bagging dont mean anything. to be honest id rather have those two things happen than the beating i receive from some of these players. having said that im glad the top 100 players beat my butt as a worthy player. treating me any less than a person to decimate is disrespect lol…naw I dont t-bag, but if i did, i’d do it in an arcade :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know which disgusts me more. The failed teabags or the powerline over and over again.


Now that’s a TJ Combo

Thanks for replying guys but yeah, he didn’t want to block anything s I figured- “if you don’t want to block and punish this moderately punishable move on block, I’ll just keep doing it until you do.” Turned out to be a great plan :stuck_out_tongue:

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Fair enough. I feel the same way about Fire Flash.

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Also scrubs will be scrubs if they spam moves. lol.

I like tea bagging/getting tea bagged. It brings out your inner rage. I don’t get why people get offended by it. I mean is it really that bad. Better than the other person just standing there still between rounds.

I’ve seen some tb on tournaments side by side. They may be friends? =\

No. At that point they’re no longer friends.

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I am definitely a fan of the victory crouch. It’s what you did long before there was a taunt button. That was the way to taunt your opponent. Now some people are a fan of the repeated crouch, but I like the “gotcha” approach of one, singular dip. Enough for you to know what I am thinking and doing, but not enough to inspire all the rage.


But isn’t that a penalty on torunaments?

no t-bag is one of the best things in ki
and it is a awesome taunt

I just get mad when the beginners do it from some freak accident when they’re winning. At least when the experts do it, they know what they’re doing as for the beginners are just bashing and spamming and get lucky when they are winning.

This. It was never a problem before online allowed for maladjusted cowards. These are the same sorts of people who think they are brilliant and edgy for using the N-word in Youtube comments. If it was truly just harmless, meaningless fun, people who did it online wouldn’t be afraid to do it in person; same with double and triple Ultras. But the fact that they are hesitant to do it when they know you have a faster jab than they do suggests it’s just for perverted jollies and nothing else.

Tea bagging? Of course not. Why should it?