Sweep or flippout?

Well this just came to me, havent given it much thought but i just had to get it out there. So pretty simple, since u can pretty much always use a sweep in a juggle as an ender of ure combo why would you use a flippout? They serve pretty much the same purpose of giving you frame advantage and initiative.

You mean sweep?

He’s talking about how BF HP causes a ground bounce.

Sounds like that’s what he means.

If you do mean sweep vs. flip out, it’s all about what you want. Flip out gives you a standing reset so your opponent can’t wake-up or anything like that while leaving you at a slight advantage (I think?). So you may choose to do this if you can cancel off of the flip out move into specials for mix-ups or can begin pressure with fast moves right away. Sweep grants you a hard knock down instead. So your opponent can wake-up or delay getting up, but you have more advantage to prepare resources, go for a set-up or what have you.

So ultimately, it depends on what your character can do. If you have better pressure, flip out is probably your friend. If you have resources to manage or set-ups, sweep is likely a better ally.

yea sorry ofc a sweep :).

Flipout you can still “reversal” just that you won’t get the notification you did it. Flip outs have less time for the defender to react to something. Unlike HKD’s you have more ample to watch what the offense is going to do despite not able to move.

I prefer fliputs over sweeps for mix-up and resets. I prefer HKD’s when I need to manually switch bodies.

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Oh ok, well I think the two are very similar. They just give you different mix ups and opportunites. Low to the ground flip outs are very fast and can catch people off guard if your character has a good way to capitalize on them. For example as Aria I can flip you out, dash under you, and poke you low from the other side all in one super fast motion. Sweep on the other hand causes knard hockdowns so it gives your opponent more time to think of a counter or scout out your mix up, but the trade off is that as the attacker I get stronger mix ups. Some characters might benifit more from one over the other so it’s all up to what you prefer.

Fixed the title for you. :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, flipouts are better as an impromptu reset/mix-up opportunity in that they are a lot more likely to catch an opponent unawares than a hard knockdown. For many situations, it can give you what’s effectively an instant meaty setup that you don’t have to time, which is really useful. For characters with command grabs, there are additional mix-up opportunities, and the opponent’s a lot less likely (at least so far in my experience) to try and jump out of a flipout situation than he’d be after a hard knockdown.

So kind of depends on what you want/value at that moment in time. Both mechanics have their uses.

If you do one too often, people will catch on and start breaking. When that happens, switch to the other.