Survey results?

I can remember reading here that they where considering some form of feedback on the recent survey they had here. And I was wondering if the @developers had more info on this already. Time, place, big/small disclosure, etc…

Watch the twitter~

I asked Kraig this a day or two ago and he said that he was working on it, so hopefully soon!

Personally, I’d love it if we could also do a developer survey, where a few of them could answer some questions like…

Who do you think is the best character IG’s designed thus far?

Which season one character do you wish you’d had a chance to build from the ground up?

What’s one thing that you wanted to put in season 3 but couldn’t?

And so on and so forth. I actually really miss the Q&A that Adam Isgreen used to do back in season one, where every Friday (I believe it was Fridays… Maybe Mondays?) he’d post a little something about how things were going, maybe some about the next character like a part of a picture and a few hints at their gameplay and he’d also post a Q&A from questions the community asked him. I wonder if he’d ever do that again?


Season one they did the weekly streams, I think you mean season 2’s weekly “textual stream”? Wasn’t always Adam either, sometimes @BlitzedKraig would do it! But yea, I miss those too! I loved the q&a bit, would be really cool to have those again from time to time!

Was it season 2 that they did the Q&A’s? Man… My memory sucks lol. Good call there!

This too! It would be cool if we had an “Ask the devs” thread where we can ask specific devs questions and maybe every once in a while they could pop in and answer a few if they felt like it.

I have a couple questions I would love to ask about Eyedol like when did they officially decide they were going to put him in the game, the process of redesigning his new look, maybe some details on inspirations, just a whole bunch of info on the character and the process that went into putting him in the game lol


That would be AWESOME. I love that idea. @developers would something like this be possible?

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Very much possible. Let’s see how we can make it come back


I REALLY miss the textual streams, they were great. We were regularly getting an insight and getting involved with the FAQ’s. Also it kept the hype really going all through Season 2.
Week 1: Textual Stream, Week 2: Trailer, Week 3: Breakdown Stream, Week 4: Release :smiley:

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