Surprising character main switch

I’ve been putting weeks into mastering Fulgore as my main, and admittedly he had some huge holes (Hisako, Eyedol, Omen, Gargos and some others – and even trouble in low tier shadow survival if choosing not to spam lasers when in trouble) but I was finally getting decent with him. It seemed to take quite a while as he was only improving directly proportional to my actual skill level with fighting games in general rather than by any gimmicks (albeit he does have gimmicks, sure).

Anyways so I’m almost lv40 with him, sort of plateauing hardcore and the game is getting dry, so as a new player I think it’s time to explore secondary mains finally. I chose Glacius.

In a matter of a few hours my Glacius rapes my Fulgore. He slays, I repeat he slays. He has no holes (Hisako, Eyedol, Omen, etc – low tier shadow survival). Apparently Fulgore is going on the backburner now, Glacius is my new main despite being like lv15.

Has this happened to anybody else before? After so much effort with one character then you pick up a new one, expecting little success and then you’re just like, “Wait, what?!”?

Thunder < Aganos.

I mained Sabrewulf in season 1 and decided to learn Spinal on a whim. I discovered that he was super fun to use and I played much better with him than Wulf so I switched to Spinal as my main.

Then Aganos came out and I knew that character was for me right from the start. I was awful with him at first but stuck with it.

It happens more than you think. Some characters just click with the player more than others. I love Fulgore. I have been a fan of his for over 20 years, but I can’t play him worth crap. For some reason I can’t get the teleport setups down. I found my main by doing all the achievements. Riptor is my main. Something about the commands and the moves is alot easier for me.

I am glad you found your true main. :slight_smile:

Yeah I get you want brodden your horizon but what do you mean by holes?

Holes in my ability to counter certain characters, or to play consistently for that matter. I have the ability to beat some 1000 tier shadows with Fulgore, yet if I choose not to spam my laser against AI then I can even often struggle against 100 tiers, or even losing too much health for my ego to tolerate against some 50 tiers. That huge disbalance is the hole.

Glacius zones. And I can zone and setup like a ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ with him. No holes.

Dunno, I’ve always had my true main in KI despite a little change on the original gameplay (the character now changed to full rushdown).
But it happened in Darkstalkers, I wanted to main Talbain and ended up loving Jedah, who was a lower tier xD

I’ve actually had a similar situation a while back. I played a lot of characters: Jago, Wulf, Glacius, Omen, Arbiter, Gargos, and RAAM. Then, one day I just decided to go to Mira and man, was it fun. I could competently manage my health for the most part, her damage was insane, her special moves were super fun to use, and it just felt…R I G H T.

Well, I thought I’d always be a Hisako main with a pocket Orchid but this is not what happened, I mean I like Orchid plenty, but I get bored using her, I also played around with Spinal and he was going to be my next to 50, then I watched Pink Diamond using Maya and my jaw dropped to the floor.

So I picked her up and stayed with her, mainly because of pure fun factor, I mean, sure, she still has a lot of holes here and there but she gave me a more complete understanding of how versatile the combo system really is and I’m slowly but surely adding in manuals to combos and trying new stuff away from the basic combo system. Her buttons feel way more satisfying than Orchid’s and they look cooler, too. Basically my main was not a character I was even thinking of picking up, it was going to be Orchid/Spinal/Fulgore until it wasn’t.

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That happened to me when I switched from Maya to Kim at the beginning of Season 3

Yeah Maya is awesome, she and Spinal are next for me. Well, Hisako too only because when I’m fighting her I’m scared to attack.

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And you should be. You have to pick your battles with her.

Hisako has plenty of fun quirks to learn of her own, I’ve not effectively worked on my Fulgore enough to consider him in any way viable yet, I need my own plan for who to main next, though the micro lag I’m getting isn’t making any of my characters feel viable at the current time.

Having attempted to main Glacius for less than 24 hours I can tell you that while before I thought the philosophy that Fulgore requires mental endurance to be a little melodramatic, I can now assure you it’s accurate. Fulgore is a ■■■■■ to main.

If you’re a pip canceling feind he’s a mixup master.

Since I play everyone cause I’m a tryhard, whenever I see someone use some crazy tech I have yet to learn, I drop everything and marathon that character using all the fun tech and awesome shenanigans I can. I just love doing cool stuff. Doesn’t matter if it’s a niche setup or something that requires unfathomably precise execution, I just love doing cool sutff!!
So yeah. I know what you mean. I spent the last half of season 1 and the first half of season 2 maining Glacius. I kept losing to characters that were bad against Sadira so I decided to hit the lab with her for a bit and when I discovered how much better I played after a little practice with Sadira and the feel of executing her amazing juggles… Ohhhh boy. She was well on her way to being my main.

But everything change when the Sand Nation attacked.

Salt Powered Mummy dot Jay pee Gee


I switch up every couple of weeks a month ago it was Aria, before that shago and Kim, before that spinal, last week cinder, and from his launch till know killgore.