Supreme Edition PC Purchase

I understand all sales are final but I wanted to see if there was anything I could do.

I purchased the supreme edition on PC as I thought it would be a good deal and everything was cross buy. I’m learning that the supreme edition through PC DOES NOT include the KI2 classic from season 2? The only way to get it is to buy the supreme edition again?

I already bought season 3 twice, I’d prefer to not do it again.

KI1 and KI2 classics are only part of the Xbox One version of Killer Instinct, and will not be appearing or accessible on PC even if you bought the $60 Xbox One version. That’s the main stated reason behind the $50 price tag of the PC version.

In order to play them on the Xbox One, you have to have bought the Xbox version of the Supreme Edition. Before the season launch I know there were people who bought Seasons 1, 2, and 3 separately that were able to get a refund once the Supreme edition was announced by contacting Microsoft Support. If you’re looking to get access to KI1 and KI2 I think your best bet is to contact Support for a refund on your Supreme Edition in order to then purchase the Xbox One Supreme Edition.

If they allow you to refund and rebuy, you’ll get access to the classics on your X1 but have access to all of KI’13 on both your console and PC.

cool, I just did that, and they were able to refund it! Wish I had called sooner about the other one. …

So XBOX ONE Store I go to get everything else. . .

You’ll probably be fine buying from either platform regarding anything else they release, just make sure to pay attention to anything which might list specific availability in case there’s a limitation.

I’m pretty sure the blog post made here on the official website listed that the classics were not going to be available on PC at all.

2 types of Supreme Edition,

  1. $60 version, the one you want for KI1 and KI2. Buy this one, on PC or Xbox Store.
  2. $50 version, the one you probably bought before, made available specifically because the classics were not ported to PC, thus the $10 off. Do not buy this one again.