Super Smash Bros. Announced for Nintendo Switch in 2018

I have played MK9 yes.

and considering what you said, you might be right.

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So with SSB being announce to hit the Switch (Pun Intended), I have officially decided to say, No Dry Bowser? No buy.

Also make Little Mac great again.

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They could make dry Bowser a skin. after all Dry Bowser is basically bowser with out flesh. In fact while we’re at it make Lucina a skin for Marth? and Pit and Dark Pit? Bowser Jr has the Koopa kids

Don’t get me wrong i think dry Bowser would be awesome for sure, but it’d make sense to make him a skin.

I’d support it all the way especially if it means giving something to Bowser my number 1 main in Smash.

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Even better!

While that makes sense. Nintendo might not think they are able to do it. They said that Lucina, Dark Pit, and Dr. Mario we’re separate characters was because it needed to be that way for them to have differences from the main character (Pills, Electroshock Arm, etc). I call ■■■■■■■■■ on that because Project M was able to have Dr. Mario be a skin and have his pills, and that was a mod of a pre-existing game so…

There isn’t that much of a difference between Marth and Lucina except for their gender. But someone might think otherwise, but I don’t think we need any more fire emblem characters, If we do get some we should take Marth and Lucina and make them a skin. We should also do the same with Dark Pit as well.

So if we make Lucina a skin, Dark Pit a skin, that would leave two more slots for unique characters.

If they have to add any more fire emblem characters (which I don’t think is needed) then atleast give us ones that don’t use a sword.

As for returning characters I have nothing to worry about with Bowser and Luigi. They are both staples at this point.

Characters I’d like to see in the game however are.

  1. King K Rool
  2. Squirtle (as his own character)

Of course realistically, I know Squirtle is not likely to come back which is unfortunate considering he was my favorite starter Pokemon starter and I feel the need to have a lightweight to my group of mains.

King K Rool, I’ll just some up for 4 reasons.

1: Not enough villains
2: it’d be nice to get another DK represenitive in the game
3: He’s been in a enough games to have his own moveset

The only fire emblem character I want to see added is Medeus. He was the final boss of the first game and was not only a warlock, but also an EARTH dragon. You get a guy with the powers of a dragon using an element uncommon in dragons. And no sword in sight. Plus, we get another villain. This guy needs to be in smash.