Super smash bro Project M 4.0

So if anyone knows about Project M it is a way better version of Brawl hands down. So I recently found out about Project M 3.6 and just got out. NOW I here there is a 4.0 in the makings hopefully. But Project M really gives people what they want.

My favorite character from Project M got to be Ganondorf with the his new float move he amazing to use.

Didn’t the guys behind it say they were moving on from Project M? I enjoy the game too, I play Captain Falcon and Kirby, trying to pick up R.O.B, Sonic and Luigi.

Yeah they did, but they handed it over to some other guys to handle and there right now working on a 4.0 with three new 3 characters. I got 3.61 which is like 4.0 but just a stable version without the unfinished people.

Me i main Ganon, Mewtwo, and Wario for laughs